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11 Responses to “COOLEST LADY EVER:”

  1. Nick says:

    Yes, she really was! Love and miss her!

  2. peacemonger says:

    absolutely gorgeous, the lovely linda

  3. AuroraSkye says:

    Nice one!!!

  4. Kwai Chang says:


  5. Rachel says:

    She’s so gorgeous!

  6. Sandra says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Linda has been my celebrity role model since I was a teenager. I’ve always admired Linda’s work such as her photography which inspired me to take up photography. I even appreciate her music. What I admire most about Linda is her dedication towards animal rights. All of her work is very inspiring!! Rest in Peace Linda <3

  7. Julia says:

    Wow, Linda looks really beautiful here. A little like Princess Diana, I think. The hat is very classy.

  8. A different Jennifer says:

    Linda was a BEAUTIFUL lady. I’ve always felt this way. She was a natural beauty and just radiant and she has this calm energy about her.

  9. Alpha Bitch says:

    A classic. Linda wore those retro looks so well.

  10. Diane says:

    Linda looks really good here.

    But Pattie Boyd was/is the coolest!

  11. Bluesdude says:

    Oh Please, she was a groupie for Christ sake. And if she had come from a poor backround, Paul would have never married her. He liked the fact the she didn’t really need his money. He was so into moving up in the social register he started to despise girls from poor backrounds. The truth hurts ! Her Dad had a lot of show-biz clients that got her in the door and backstage as a photographer. I will give her this though, she probably got some of the best Beatle photos ever, hands down. Look, I’m not trying to put her down but she just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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