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  1. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Back to London Airport from filming “How I Won the War”, 7 November 1966. Just two days later, John was to make that fateful trip to the Indica Gallery

  2. Michael says:

    Can always tell this period by his lack of “sidies”.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    @A Car…
    Thanks for the timeline.
    That happiness appears to be heartfelt.
    But, it won’t be enough to keep the Titanic from hitting the iceberg…
    That’s what I call irony!
    “Yes” indeed.

  4. Ishie says:

    As Mr. Zimmerman sang 2 years prior “The Times They Are a-Changin'” and they certainly would, as “A Car” noted above.
    The Indica visit, the intellectual ‘click’ between musician & avante ‘gartist’ were days away and the wheels would begin to turn. The connection was much greater than either had known, imagine or least of all expect. It was karmic destiny & kismet was not to be challenged. Their love was tested … they supported one another during the most difficult personal & professional challenges and they remained one anothers greatest fan.
    Their secret was their love & it was all they needed!

  5. Dwayne says:

    Looking like he’s in Oasis instead of the Beatles.

  6. Michoo says:

    hehe, I thought exactly the same thing, Dwayne 😉

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Oasis member?
    (Liam or Noel?)
    Noel Gallagher February 12, 2007 – in an interview talking about the necklace he bought brother Liam.

    “I bought him a few presents in the 90’s I bought him a thing from an auction which was an Indian necklace thing that John Lennon wore when he went to see the Maharishi its worth a fortune it was round the mans neck when he wrote Sexy Sadie, so I sent it to him for Christmas and next time I saw him he had it on. He took it out the frame and the label saying worn by John Lennon. I said “what are you doing its fuckin memorabilia” and he said “John Lennon wore it I’m wearing it”. He’s probably flushed it down the toilet by now I don’t know, haven’t seen it since.”

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