A report on the wedding by guest Maria Newley, you can see the article “Here”.

Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell’s wedding day was designed to be a low-key, family celebration and, for the most part, it succeeded in those aims.

Regardless of the original intention, so many high-profile weddings seem to lose sight of the point of the ceremony and end up as a roll call of famous guests. Sunday’s service felt different from the outset.

The Superintendent Registrar, Alison Cathcart, was comfortable, relaxed and unphased by the ‘fame’ of the people in front of her and made it a beautifully personal and intimate ceremony. Friends and family were the order of the day and whoever you were: celebrity, family member, long-standing friend or a combination of all three, you felt a part of it all.

There may have been hordes of fans waiting outside the Register Office but you would never have known that whilst inside as the service retained a poignant elegance and quietude which seemed to perfectly befit both the day and the couple.

After the service, following a pause in which Paul and Nancy happily posed for photographs in front of the patiently waiting fans and international media, it was back to Paul’s St John’s Wood home to prepare for the wedding reception.

The party itself wasn’t scheduled to begin until 7pm which allowed the guests who had attended the service to enjoy and share Paul and Nancy’s happiness privately. It also gave an opportunity for Paul’s daughter Mary to take some photographs for the family album.
When the evening guests slowly began to arrive, it suddenly became apparent that “intimate and personal” didn’t necessarily mean “quiet” or “sedate”! There was no shortage of famous faces at the reception and yet, at the same time, everyone there was a personal and long-standing friend of the couple, so it still felt like an occasion for true friends and family. Paul’s children and grandchildren all looked glorious and did their father proud, as did Arlen, Nancy’s son from her first marriage.

Needless to say, a fair few well-known faces, including Olivia Harrison, her son Dhani, Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara, were also there for the evening celebrations and all seemed as relaxed and happy as the bride and groom.

As so many of the guests brought their children along, Nancy and Paul had arranged for the children’s entertainers, Sharky and George, to provide various activities for them. I think a number of the adults rather enjoyed the children’s activities too but were eventually persuaded to allow the children their fun unimpeded and joined the adult celebrations!.

The menu had been carefully organised and consisted of a green salad starter, with the most delicious avocados imaginable, followed by a vegetarian lasagne and a range of side dishes which satiated even the most picky of eaters! There were flowers all around the room, most memorably a host of beautiful cream chrysanthemums in pale ceramic and glass vases, and, in the corner, a fridge full of organic champagne.

I have to admit that I’ve rarely seen a champagne fridge stacked quite so high – although predictably, it didn’t stay stacked for too long!.

The music for the evening had been chosen to suit a very wide variety of tastes, reflecting the eclectic guestlist which spanned not only generations, but a cross-section of professions; from the veteran broadcasters Barbara Walters and Sir David Frost, to British artist, Tracy Emin and hair stylist John Frieda.

In fact, when your guests include such musical legends as Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, Dave Gilmour, Ringo Starr, Jools Holland, ‘Wix’ Wickens and Sharleen Spiteri to name but a few, it was something of a tall order for DJ Mark Ronson to find a selection which would accommodate everyone! But, as with everything else, it was accomplished beautifully and was just another small touch which exemplified the entire day, ensuring the inclusivity of the celebrations for all.

As has been widely reported, Paul had also decided to serenade the occasion with a song he’d composed especially for the day. Watching the assembled group of guests as he performed this was almost as moving as the beauty of the song itself. I think perhaps this, more than any other moment in the day, showed all of us that Paul was back, he was happy and that he had regained something which he seemed to lose following Linda’s passing – a sense of belonging and a sense of wholeness.

Linda was remembered warmly and fondly during the reception, and this too served to reassure all of us who care so deeply about Paul that he had finally found a place where he could rest his head and his heart. I’m not much of a one for spiritual feelings or auras but, if such things exist, then I do truly believe that Linda was looking down on the proceedings smiling with approval and satisfaction. I think we all felt that the day was also very poignant to those remembering John Lennon, falling, as it happened on the same day that would have been his 71st birthday.

There was a definite feeling that John, had he lived to see the day, would have been there alongside everyone else, toasting Paul and Nancy and sharing in the joy of the day. The song which Paul had written perfectly summed up the sentiment of the couple, of the guests, and of the entire day – it was just a perfect choice for a wonderfully perfect day.

On a final note, I really must salute the ability of pensioners to party all night! My own partying capabilities seem rather pitiful by comparison and, nowadays, entail me needing several hours rest afterwards before I’m capable of any semblance of coherence. I’m not really sure what time the party was intended to finish but it still had a fair amount of energy going at around 3am and it was good to see that Ronnie Wood can still party on down with the best of them!

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48 Responses to “CONGRATULATIONS!!:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Where else can you get this awesome service regarding the Beatles…
    Peerless…Thanks, Tammy!
    (faster than than local gossip)

  2. Ishie says:

    Congratulations Paul & Nancy!

    Paul’s excitement & happiness reminds me very much of the photos taken when he married Linda.

    I wish them many years of health, happiness & love!

  3. nick says:

    Great pictures! They look really happy! Best of luck to both of them!

  4. hey you says:

    who so serious james?

  5. lizzie says:

    wonderful selection, miss tammy, different from what i saw during the day. i watched the live stream at the registry office. sat here glued to the computer screen – what a thrill to watch it from so far away! i was in london when he married linda but i didn’t go to the house. i watched the news on tv at my boyfriend’s apartment and next day bought a ton of newspapers to send to friends all over the world. i am so very happy for them, they look wonder ful and so happy!

  6. Lee says:

    We should all look so happy. I watched them arrive on live stream and it was very cool. Both bride and groom looked radiant.

    Bea is the spitting image of a young Paul. Same nose, same eyes, same eyebrows.

  7. Since 1963 says:

    It’s a good day… Yep, it’s a good day.

  8. princess stephanie says:

    Wonderful !! Congratulations Paul & Nancy !! Wishing them many years of happiness together!!

  9. Chris says:

    Congratulations Paul and Nancy! I am so glad I got to smile, wave and give a thumbs up to Nancy at Paul’s Yankee concert. And she smiled, waved and gave a thumbs up back. :) Oh yeah, I also said “hello Nancy” as she walked by and she giggled. :) I hope Paul and Nancy are very happy together. And I hope Paul’s beautiful daughter Beatrice is a happy child. I am a bit worried at how serious she looks in the photo above. Bless her.

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    I’m a wunderin’ what happened to Mary & Stella

  11. Pedro Paulo says:

    Great pictures, great moment!!! Paul really deserves to be happy again, may God bless
    them forever!!!! It was good to see Ringo again!

  12. Leah says:

    Yay Paul and Nancy! She looks like a classy woman: Welcome to the family!

  13. Kathy says:

    Apparently Mary took the last photo which is the “official” one. I saw some photos of the two girls arriving at the reception so I am guessing they left via the back door?

  14. jma689 says:

    Thanks for posting these pictures so quickly… Good to see Paul and Nancy so happy.

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks, Kathy

  16. Kwai Chang says:

    Brother Michael…
    (let ’em in)

  17. My name's Betty says:

    Funny how Paul’s younger brother looks quite a bit older than him and Bea looks just like young Stella, it’s too cute X) My mom doesn’t understand why he’s getting married, yet again. Me suspects it’s because her name’s Linda… and it bugs me all of the news articles on the event don’t mention a word about the other significance of this day, um, John anybody? But I’ll admit, I have to keep reminding myself it’s also John’s (and Sean’s) Birthday!

  18. j0j0 says:

    James has a friend?

  19. Louise says:

    Their official wedding photo (taken by Mary McCartney) absolutely rocks.

    Never change, Paul.

  20. Kwai Chang says:

    “get back, j0j0″…
    (wink, nudge)

  21. Ines says:

    They look really beautiful !
    In the last photo Paul looks like young beatle for me ! Also he reminds me when he got married Linda.

    Congratulations Paul and Nancy! :-)

  22. nick_L says:

    Tammy – I knew we could all count on you for some fabulous pics. Can’t thank you enough! Everybody looked great didn’t they? Mike hasn’t really aged. I know he let his hair go white but he looks better that way. I had the good fortune to meet him several years back when he was promoting a book of photography and he looked surprisingly youthful but he was dying his hair a reddish brown which didn’t work. I wonder if that’s his Josh peeking around the doorway (looking very Dave Grohl).

    Macca can still rock a suit eh?

  23. VG says:

    The guy with James is Mike’s son Josh

  24. hey you says:

    @jojo, more like a boyfriend

  25. Sandra says:

    @jojo and hey you…
    That guy is James’s cousin. Mike’s son. It’s amazing how he looks like the younger Paul.

  26. A Different Chris says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer Beatle. It’s so good to see Paul look so wonderfully happy. He’s been through enough in the last 15 years. I hope this brings him the happiness he deserves.

  27. Susan says:

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    But I, too, would like to see some smiling pictures of the Macca children- we hear that they all approved of Nancy and are happy for their dad. Bea’s demeanor could be the result of nerves – what’s with James? Haven’t seen him smiling in any of the several pics he’s in – quite in contrast to the folks he’s standing next to.

    Not trying to stir up gossip, but genuinely concerned – I knew that the kids not being happy was a clue to what was really going on in the last marriage, and I want to know that they are really happy for their dad, and then I will be even happier for him and Nancy.

  28. Congratulations to Paul and Nancy! May they both be happy and healthy together for a long, loooooong time!

    Btw., Nancy is a hottie!

  29. Aeolian Cadence says:

    The last photo made me shed a little tear of joy, I swear. And it’s refreshing to see photos of the lovely day that aren’t accompanied by the usual tiresome comments (“prenup,” “work done,” etc.).

  30. Aeolian Cadence says:

    Also, maybe I’m a little nutty, but he’s 100 times hotter to me with that ring on his hand. Heh.

  31. jes says:

    The guy pictured with James is his cousin, one of MikeĀ“s sons ( I think his name is Josh)

  32. beatlebabe11 says:

    They look absolutely full of bliss — best of luck (not that they’ll need it) to the two of them. Paul is so full of love and I’m so happy he found someone just like him to share it with. What a big, beautiful family!

  33. shelly says:

    Congratulations to the Cutest Boy in The World and Nancy!! What I wouldn’t give for just one day of her life. Can you imagine?
    All of the exposure I saw yesterday, mostly the pictures of them going to the gym in the morning, inspired me to go to the gym before work today.
    Hell, if Paul can go on his wedding day, I sure in the hell can drag my fat old ass there before a day of sitting in front of a computer in my office!
    Well done Paul.

  34. BLJ says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful couple. I wish them years of happiness.

  35. Tammy says:

    How cool that John and Jody Eastman were one of the small group of thirty friends and family to witness the marriage, so cool that Paul blends his older, and newer families.

  36. Joy says:

    Can someone tell me a little background on Nancy?

  37. Michael says:

    Great job, Tammy. Thanks! Second to last photo is especially great!

  38. Kwai Chang says:

    Tammy is the best…all the info you’d ever…
    and some visuals to prove it…
    what a lovely way to stay current…
    FAB, GEAR, but never GROTTY

  39. Sara says:

    Yes Tammy is it nice that he blended his old family and friends with the new. However, I am still baffled why I wasn’t invited. I guess it was a mistake on Paul’s part.

  40. Sophie says:

    Congrats to the beautiful couple :’)

  41. Kwai Chang says:

    Cheer Down…(I wasn’t invited, either)
    since I won’t get on an airplane,
    Paul didn’t really want the wedding in L.A.
    so I told him…”next time”
    sorry about the George song

  42. MarkZapp says:

    Congratulations Paul & Nancy. Wishing you many years of happiness together.

  43. Sarah says:

    love the second photo from the bottom, haha! Paul and Nancy are so lovely. Hoping all the best to them!

  44. BLJ says:

    Thanks, for posting these beautiful picture of Paul and Nancy and their family. You always come through for us, Tammy.

  45. Tammy says:

    Wow .. just wow, i think there is a lot to be said for intuition, and for what it matters as a fan, i really feel good about Paul and Nancy.

    Reading this report really brings that feeling home .. and, knowing that Linda was remembered during the reception is lovely, and quite amazing.

    Here’s a funny one, since the wedding, i finally feel i can let Linda go .. does that sound funny?, i mean .. i have this sense that she’s flying freely now, call me weird, maybe she can rest now knowing Paul is okay, and in good hands, but i’ve really had this sense of being able to let the whole Linda thing go .. dunno how to explain it really, i still adore Linda like no other, and will continue to honor her on my blog etc, but i feel it’s okay to move on as a fan, and really be happy, and celebrate Paul and Nancy.


  46. Kwai Chang says:

    very understandable…
    but I never got to meet her…
    SO, everytime I pet my neighbors horses, I think about Linder…
    (I’m not letting go until the animals say so…)
    I’m strange, but unafraid to comment…
    especially when words are insufficient…
    I understand you…
    She was indescribable

  47. George A says:

    Hi Greg,

    Beautiful thoughts and words regarding Linda. Still honoring her in your blog, but “Letting Go” V&M. Happiness for Paul and Nancy.


  48. Ishie says:

    Greg … I understand what your saying. I feel the same way as you do. I think Nancy really ‘gets it’ … understands Paul, believes in him and in very much the same way as Linda did. Linda wasn’t out to be the media’s darling, only Paul’s and it appears that Nancy has the same intent.

    During the “Heather” years, every time I saw a photo of them together I thought of Linda. I never saw them as a team or a well suited pair. I sense that with Nancy though.

    When Paul lost Linda he lost his comfort zone. He can never replace what he had with Linda because they were young and grew together. They started a family, lived through the pressures of the Beatles break-up, started a band and had a very strong relationship based on love & respect.

    I think Nancy brings some of that comfort to Paul now and it’s nice to see.

    Their excitement on their wedding day was palpable. Paul’s smiles & expressions reminded me very much of his wedding photos with Linda in 1969. He was youthful!

    Much love to them both.

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