Recently i’ve been having a real Paul and Wings fest, i’ve been playing cd’s i havent touched in years and digging out old dvd’s and video’s in the excitement and build up to Pauls new album. Last week i put on a dvd of ‘Wings over the world’ and really enjoyed it, there was one scene that showed Pauls thirty fourth birthday party, i had never noticed this before but in the scene where Paul is hugging Thadeous Richard, in the background you can see Linda and her brother John Eastman was there to greet her, it was such a warm greeting the sort that only brothers and sisters share, and you can see John hugging and squeezing Linda obviously really joyed to see her, the screen caps arent that clear but you can maybe see a little of what i described.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how sweet both of them linda and john that’s really sweet

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