My beady little eyes are always scanning obscure photos to see what little bits of information i can figure out from them and see what dosnt always jump out as obvious, the photo above was taken in November 2006 at Paul’s Cavendish avenue home, it was taken after the police arrived when it was discovered that hundreds of Pauls personal family photo’s had been taken from the house and thrown in a dumpster, luckily found by someone who handed them back.

If you look closely at the photo you can see Rose, Pauls housekeeper for nearly forty years standing in the doorway. When i see people like Rose and John Hammel standing by Paul i know all the horrible things Mills has been saying and leaking about Paul isnt true, or wasnt as it seems. Rose and John Hammel were and are very close to the children and would have been as close to Linda as anyone, and i dont believe that they and all the other loyal people Paul has had around him .. in some cases from the sixities, would have stuck by him if he was and had done all the things Mills has said.

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  1. Christine says:

    This is a fab photo blog, Tammy! ~ I’m going to mention it in my LiveJournal if you don’t mind.

    You may not have heard that there’s a movie that will be premiering in 2008 in Liverpool called The Fifth Beatle about the great Brian Epstein.
    (I have been, for over 40 years, unabashedly Eppy’s biggest admirer.)
    This will be the first major feature film on Brian, covering the last 6 years of his life.

    I moderate the forum there. :)

    We’re very excited about the film, and I for one am overwhelmed by the big names we have working on it and showing interest in it!


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