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7 Responses to “CLASSIC 63 PORTRAIT:”

  1. Steve Phillips says:

    Let me get one piece of information right to rescue my tattered image as a Beatles buff; this photo is from the special Merseyside edition of ABC TV’s Thank Your Lucky Stars in 1963. (This ABC is not the Aussie or US ABC but a now defunct British commercial channel franchise). I have this show on pirate DVD and feel confident that no other Beatle Photo Blogee will shoot me down in flames! God Bless you Greg from Steve in Liverpool

  2. Ashwom says:

    Correct Steve!

    It’s been nicely upgraded recently on the “Cathode Ray” DVD collection.


  3. Steve Phillips says:

    You’re not THAT Mark are you? I owe him a meal and he does look at Beatle Photo Blog! Greetings Mr. L (if it is you) from Mr. P (if this is me)

  4. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Sorry, Steve, it is Thank Your Lucky Stars but not the all-Merseyside edition but the previous appearance to that, transmitted October 26, 1963 (taped Sunday, October 20). As well as the surviving mimed performance of Money, a very brief clip of All My Loving recently turned up. There are also some great Daily Mirror pics of fans surrounding the studios in Aston, Birmingham on this day, as well as the Beatles eating in the studio canteen surrounded by onlookers.

  5. Tammy says:

    Once again Datey puts his finger right on it. Good to see you back Datey, there have been a few pics that have had me thown recently, i always defer to your eye, mine are getting crossed now, i just see so many photo’s it’s addling my mind.

  6. Steve Phillips says:

    Thanks ACAARAARAAR, it was the stage design which threw me, the second show having the 4 names swinging to and fro and the sign THE BEATLES being the static on this show as shown. My version of the first show has an weird soundtrack of “Money” -rather like the 1964 Dutch TV Show (Treslong?) where the boys sang live over the record playing. Do I get half a mark?

  7. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    I would award half a mrk, Steve, but on the orig undoctored broadcast, they lip synched to the orig studio recording (vocals and all), which incidentally was not released for another month on With the Beatles (ditto All My Loving). The producers of TYLS got a scoop there.

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