9 Responses to “CHUCK:”

  1. nika says:

    Nice picture of Joe with those two guys

  2. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Know Pauly and Chuck but who is Joe Edwards ?
    Funny they identified who Paul is but not the other two.

  3. Jorge says:

    Hey Alex, was it even necessary to have a (The Beatles) under Paul’s’ name? You’d think he’d fall under those ‘ a man who needs no introduction’ label…Godfather of Rock n Roll under Chuck by the way! And then there’s good old Joe!

  4. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Exactly Jorge, but who is Joe Edwards ?

  5. Jorge says:

    Ok folks, did a little investigating and found out Joe Edwards is a business owner of a restaurant in St. Louis called Blueberry Hill

  6. nika says:

    So this is a picture that’s up in Joe’s restaurant, I presume?!

  7. A Different Chris says:

    OH! The Beatles. I knew I recognized Paul McCartney from somewhere.

  8. Sara S. says:

    I love Blueberry Hill! I live in the St. Louis area. Blueberry Hill is Chuck Berry’s “place.” He plays there at least once a month in the “Duck room.” I have never seen this photo hanging on the wall there, but it is always a bit dark and I could have missed it. They do have a nice wall of Beatles memorabilia and the food is wonderful.

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