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36 Responses to “CHILLIN’ WITH OLD MATES:”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I love the conversation they have in this part of Anthology. :)

  2. BLJ says:

    George looks really healthy here.

  3. Julia says:

    Give us a burst on your ukelele, George!

  4. Brian says:

    Boy do I wished they would have recorded more stuff when they were together for the anthology

  5. beatle55 says:

    i think paul was getting on georges nerves when they were sitting outside talking about india. a friend.

  6. beatle55 says:

    george had enough of paul when they were outside talking about india. love, a friend.

  7. Leah says:

    I loved how George would play the ukulele when they were all talking hahahah

  8. Brian says:

    I agree with the other Brian. George doesn’t seem keen when they’re playing Blue Moon of Kentucky “well just a short one maybe”. Paul has always been “keen”.

  9. hey you says:

    Is it true that one reason for George doing the anthology was because he needed the money? His business manager had stole a substanial amount from him?

  10. JAMES says:

    I dont think we’ll ever know the full extent of the difficulties they all faced with each other later on, one thing I found funny on the edited out takes or was it real love video?the bit when george is walking into Pauls house/barn/studio and he pulls out something from under his coat, it looked like a either a bottle of something or maybe a flask of tea!..afterll george had stopped the drinking by then, but he has a mischievous grin at the camera what ever it was!good old george!Top man!

  11. Reply to hey you: The Beatles Anthology project was in the works long before Geprge’s business manager stole from him.

  12. Chelsea says:

    The Anthology project was started by Neil Aspinall back in 69/70. At that point it was called the Long and Winding Road. It was tabled when Neil realized that family drama was too intense for everyone to work together. By the 90s there was enough water under the bridge for everyone to get back together and finish it.

    When you mention George’s business manager stealing money from him, are you referring to the payout for My Sweet Lord, when that case finally finished? While I don’t remember how much that payout was, I don’t think it was a substantial percentage of what he had (after all, the Beatles catalogue was released on CD in the late 80s, which I’m sure meant a nice sum of money for each of them).

    In any case, I don’t think George was crying poverty at that point, though he did seem to be a little tired of Paul’s hamming it up at points in that footage. I understand it. I’m just glad that they seemed to have been on good terms by the time he died.

  13. hey you says:

    Thanks, for the information. Nah, I wasn’t talking about the ‘My Sweet Lord’ stuff though. I had heard that his business manager had been stealing from him. It was something that eventually ended up in the courts. He stole quite a bit from George. Good to know there is more to the story though. I had no ideas it had been in the works for so long. George seemed pretty chill in the anthology when he was with Paul and Ringo. Paul seemed very ‘on’, but that’s part of that ole’ McCartney charm I suppose.

  14. Julia says:

    James, I also wondered what George was waving at the camera! And I also heard that someone connected with George’s management stole a substantial sum of money.

  15. Chelsea says:

    @hey you: Hmm, I hadn’t heard about that. I’ll have to read about it; thanks for letting me know about it.

    George did seem pretty comfortable throughout most of it (especially when they were talking in what looked like a breakfast room or something). I loved when he was talking about meeting Elvis for the second time and he talked about how he felt like a little kid meeting his hero. Such a characteristically humble statement. :)

    And yeah, Paul seemed “on,” although I have a friend who seems like that, too, even though that’s just his personality. He can’t really turn it off and he doesn’t mean to be fake or anything.

  16. Steve in the Bronx says:

    I believe even John Lennon referenced “The Long and Winding Road” in an interview before his death. It definetely was talked about throughout the 70’s.

  17. stephanie says:

    Its true that George had lost a substantial sum through the theft of monies by his former business manager, Denis O’Brien.

    O’Brien was Harrison’s partner in Handmade Films, and they had known each other since 1973. In 1996 George won an $11.7M judgment against O’Brien, alleging, mismanagement of Handmade assets, theft, and non payment of monies due under an agreement to share lossess of film production. After George’s death, O’Brien was declared bankrupt.

  18. JAMES says:

    Julia I have a feeling it was done as a joke to the camera, a wind up as we say in england so people would guess?either way it was nice to see george having fun with it all!The issues that probably did effect the decision in the end for george arose from his handmade films going bust I believe, he lost a fortune on that project in the end and had some struggles with the former business guy with it all, so george needed the cash I believe and as a former beatle who always got less than he could have financially(many of his songs were rejected by lennon/McCartney/martin)he probably always felt they owed him more someday and why not?good on him. Imagine your old buddy (Paul)being like he is too, he always played the star/entertainer role, john and george often joked about it Ive read, so it isnt too surprising to see george cover for Johns absensce at times too and take the mickey out of him in a slighly sarcastic way, the differneces are what made them what they were, I always sort of feel sorry for Paul at times, because I think hes quite innocently doing it, its his nature, but george could also be a put down artist, I love it when he asks what album is that on?ha!he probably knew really but was teasing Paul and Martin because they had to listen to one of Pauls songs!ha!If John had been there too it would have been hilarious to watch!he’d probabaly start tapping Paul on the shoulder when he wasnt looking again and mucking around, while George pushed the faders around in the wrong way!ha!nice too think anyway!

  19. BLJ says:

    From what I have observed from looking at anthology that Paul and George looked quite comfortable with each other. Paul was being Paul and George was being George. I think that some people are reading more into this then it is. Paul has said they were like brothers and in my life that is how brothers get along when personalities are different. After all they have known each other since their early teens. Paul is more outgoing with a cheerful personality. George was more private and a little on the shy side, especially while being filmed. That is the impression I get. Different personalities are what make them interesting. And that is the George and Paul I love.

  20. JAMES says:

    Yeah but Paul always hams it up doesnt he!he always over did it when he performed too, all the eyes thing going on..haha!god knows what the rest would joke about with his style going on!

  21. Julia says:

    There’s another funny little moment in “Anthology” when the Threatles are sitting in the grounds of Friar Park. Paul says “Thanks for having us round, George”, just like a little kid thanking his friend for inviting him to tea.

  22. Mark says:

    It’s weird… Paul usually irritates me on camera but I felt quite sorry for him in the Anthology sequences whenever the three Beatles are together. He so obviously wants it to work, but George evidently can’t be bothered with him.

    There’s one sequence in the Friar Park gardens with George strumming on his Ukelele where Paul wants to talk about India and says something like, “do you remember going to a film show?” a couple of times, and George just completely blanks him and keeps on playing. It’s so uncomfortable. I also remember an interview Paul gave for Mojo Magazine in ’97 when Flaming Pie was released and he said, “George doesn’t return my calls.”

    Quite sad, really, but we don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. Also, the weight of “Hey, it’s The Beatles together again!” would probably make any situation rather stilted, particularly in front of the cameras.

    So it was quite nice to hear that on George’s death bed he apparently said “sod it!” & told Paul that all the nonsense just didn’t matter. At least they got to say goodbye… the complete opposite of what happened with John. :(

  23. JAMES says:

    I agree completely Mark, you had to feel sorry for Paul during those anthology scenes because George was just not playing ball, I think they often behaved opposite to what they really were at times and maybe thats what we all do, whenvere you see those silly docu dramas about John or the betales story george is always portated in the later beatle years at least as being a miserable type ,dour etc, but in reality he was a very funny guy!Paul always sunny but in reality I think hes avery deep guy at times and sensitive with it, John was anything he felt like on a given day but essentially appeared open and Ringo had an innate ability to avoid conflict and stay level(at least during the beatles years)I think what Im trying to say is they reflect human nature quite well dont they?we all see ourselves I think and if I was George I would be tured of the entertainmnet game the way Paul played it at times and if I was Paul I could get tired of dealing with george not playing the game for the anyone!ha!..I think Im Yoko haha!

  24. JAMES says:

    ..sorry lost the plot on the a rush!always a pleasure to read the comments!

  25. Sophie says:

    Paul and George were fine when the anthology was filmed! George is a classic Liverpudlian; aka. a natural put-down artist. He did it in the 60s as well (he – and particularly John – would mock Paul’s eagerness-to-please), but nobody looks into it then, because we know they were friends. I do it with my friends!! The people I love most, I’m constantly telling them to ‘shut up’, ‘get over yourself’, ‘you’re annoying me’. It’s just blunt humour – very scouser humour – and never meant in a mean way… it’s meant affectionately, if that can make any sense.

    I think Paul really is trying in the Anthology, as is Paul. And yeah, it contrasts to George who really isn’t into the whole ‘hamminess’ or ‘acting up for the cameras’. I think the very idea of the cameras being there at all immediately makes any conversation quite superficial and awkward… particularly as they’ve got the whole ‘important beatles reunion!!!” banner practically hanging over them.

    Paul’s comments with the ‘Flaming Pie’ thing about George not returning his calls are backed up with the comment that George hardly ever returns calls to anybody. I think that’s just who he is; I and some of my friends are the same: shit at phonecalls etc. but don’t mean anything by it.

    I think if you’d have filmed Paul, George and Ringo in the 60s, with the same ‘beatles reunion’ label making it all forced and unnatural, you’d have got the same kind of thing. George said countless times how Paul had been his best friend, and how he loved Paul and all that 70s rubbish was ‘water under the bridge’. I think people do have a tendency to LOOK for tension where there is none.

  26. JAMES says:

    Hey there Sophie, I think you nailed it there. Sorry If Ive been warbling on, Im at a warbling stage of my life!very nicely put.

  27. BLJ says:

    @Sofie, I agree with you especially the last paragraph. Eric Idle says people don’t really know how close Paul’s and George’s friendship was.

    Not returning someone phone call does not mean they don’t care. I do it quite often myself. Remember the Beatles were human. I have a friend I hardly ever return her phone calls because she talks for hours,LOL but I love her just the same.

  28. Chelsea says:

    I totally agree with you all. It’s pointless to speculate about anyone else’s friendship, or relationship, because no one knows how those things work except for the people in them. And as for the phone call returning, I’m personally terrible at returning phone calls, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. It does mean, though, that my friends contact me in other ways. :)

  29. stephanie says:

    @ sophie, very nicely expressed. Your very last line, completely sums it it up for me, and this is often how I feel about some comments that are occasionally posted on this blog by people wanting to stir up unecessary trouble. There is no denying that the fabs had their differences, like any family. But they have all been resolved and ironed out.

    “I think people do have a tendency to LOOK for tension where there is none.

    SO TRUE !!!!

    There were some very warm moments amongst the Threetles during Anthology that deserve a mention:

    (1) the great scene at the begining of “Thinking Of Linking” where George says “or there was this one” and then plays his guitar intro to
    the song (& whose idea it was to play the song as a surprise to Paul) looks at Paul with a cheeky grin waiting for a reaction, as if to say “haha gotcha”, and Paul looks back at George & warmly laughs in response.

    (2) the uke playing scenes on the picnic rug, George was just concentrating on his playing. But He and Paul sang and played well together, it wasnt forced or uncomfortable.

    (3) Paul and George hug in Paul’s studio “The Mill” during Real Love”, seen briefly in the video clip.

    (4) the video clip of Real Love show brief snatches of the Threetles in the studio where they are all smiles and having a great time, esp George.

    A point of correction, I dont believe Paul was with George at his death. Last time Paul saw George was about 2 weeks prior to George’s passing, but at that time George knew he was dying.
    But they did, by several accounts, spend close and meaningful time together, and as Paul explained, Paul held George’s hand while they spoke. It must have been a very emotional time.

    Paul and George were the only two people on this planet who ever knew the truth of their friendship together.

  30. BLJ says:

    @Stephanie AMEN!

  31. JAMES says:


  32. Elad says:

    I believe George was carrying a pot of tea under his coat.
    As for the Anthology, I find it difficult to watch it, and I’ve felt that way since the first time it aired. It all seemed so uncomfortable, and forced. Maybe just the fact that cameras were rolling made them seem that way, but I don’t see any real warmth coming through.

  33. Elad says:

    Wasn’t the house George was staying in at the time of his death rented by Paul? Didn’t Paul lend it to George?

  34. Since 1963 says:

    Very interesting reading. Threads like this is why I come back to this site every day.

    “I think people do have a tendency to LOOK for tension where there is none.”

    Don’t we all sometimes.

    But… please do not use the term “Threetles.” It is awful. They were George, Ringo, and Paul. You wouldn’t call Paul and Ringo “Twotles”, would you now?

  35. Brian says:

    Paul George and Ringo you mean…:)

  36. Carol says:

    My understanding is that while the project had been discussed early on, George continued to nix it until his finances became an issue. Not only had he spent a fortune in litigation to get the judgement against Dennis ( which he never collected), but he’d mortgaged Friar Park to finance Life of Brian, which never realized a profit, he’d spent a fortune on several homes and his albums weren’t bringing in the amounts he’d seen from All Things Must Pass. It was the money which prompted him to agree to it in the end. I think he had a frustrating relationship with Paul. He loved him, but didn’t like aspects of him and things were never quite the same after the last 2 Beatles albums. I know he resented being limited to 2 songs per album for many years and part of his joy over All Things Must Pass being such a success was that it sent a message about his abilities. He did pass away at Paul’s Beverly Hills house and they did make up on his death bed several days before he died, but he believed in completing things and tying up all loose ends so that he wouldn’t have to come back to do things over correctly.

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