I’ve been wanting to post these photo’s for awhile, a few weeks ago i published my favorite photo of Paul and Linda, it was taken on this day and shows the love and support between them both. I think this set of photo’s show’s just how chic and fantastic Linda could look, it blows my mind that only five weeks later Linda would be gone.

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  1. Mariana says:

    Really? Only 5 weeks? :((

  2. Kevin says:

    Talk about proud parents!!!!

  3. Tammy says:

    Yes, the show was on March the 11th, and Linda passed away on April the 17th 1998.

  4. jamesaway says:

    Paul’s longings to dress as a woman were often difficult to restrain..

  5. Elle says:

    They were a remarkable team! Their pride & love of family was always the center of their world.
    I recall an interview that Paul did after Linda’s passing … when asked about his successful marriage to Linda, he quite simply replied “We just fancied each other. I really always thought of her as my girlfriend. There was always a great romance to it. Then we had the kids and they became some of our greatest achievements really”.
    That comment really says it all!

  6. jniml4 says:

    Linda looks quite ill, but you can see the glow of pride she has for her “baby” Stella’s show. She looks quite beautiful–shining from within. She didn’t let the ravages of the disease prevent her from supporting her daughter. James and Mary also look so beautiful in these pics.

  7. Brittany says:

    Jason and Flora Starkey are in the third picture from the bottom behind James!

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