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6 Responses to “CHECK MATE:”

  1. Rock Singer says:

    I like this photo it’s like if I saw George on the street dressing and looking this way I’d have to do a double take just to make sure it’s him..Cool.

  2. Georgesgirl.isa says:

    George always liked checked patterns!! the busier the better!!
    A true soul of the 60s

  3. markzapp says:

    George: I AM smiling…

  4. AuroraSkye says:

    Very very nice! :-)

  5. claudia antunes says:

    George was the Beatle discreet and elegant. Never dressed with accessories, glare etc. In this photo I feel the look of it just empty, but his soul is full of love.

  6. ohnotheragen says:

    This photo was part of the promos used in the program for his Japanese tour.

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