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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you, Tammy. I’ve never seen most of these. The first picture is cool. You can see the unused Sgt. Pepper drumskin hanging on the wall. So, I guess that is the pot parlour…where Mick Jagger was sitting on the couch in a semi-recent post. Now where the heck is the stoner-dome? It doesn’t seem to be on the back or the side(13th pic). So was the dome upstairs…or, detached somewhere in the back yard?

  2. Tammy says:

    The stoner dome (and sometime kennel for Martha the fog dog) was, and still is right down the very back corner of Paul’s rather large (for central London) back yard. The stoner dome is clearly visible on Google earth.

  3. GLCompany says:

    If you like you can check out several pictures of Paul’s house here, including the Dome:

  4. mcarp555 says:

    We were at Cavendish last August. Abbey Road was packed as usual, but there was nobody at Paul’s. As we approached the house, the gates started to swing open. Holy cow! It was a member of the team that services all of Paul’s properties, leaving for the day. He was kind enough to stand outside and chat with us while the wife frantically snapped photos of the front of the house (not only was the gate open, the front door was as well). He even stepped back and triggered the electric eye to keep the gates open a little longer. We could see the Grandfather clock in the hall, and a few framed pictures. Tempted to bolt for the inside, but didn’t feel like having the wife and daughter bail me out later. Besides, the guy was being nice to us, and if we had misbehaved, he might have gotten into trouble.

    We never did find out who was in the house if he was leaving with the front door wide open. As for Paul, we found out later he was in Canada at the time.

  5. Alex of Bronx says:

    Pauly living the life, youre the best.

  6. MarkC says:

    White Album photo shirt?

  7. Tammy says:

    I think it might be the White album shirt, tho Paul had a few of these at the time, a green and a purple ‘Grandpa’ shirt, and unless I’m mistaken I think Paul pulled these out of the bottom of his drawer and wore both green and purple grandpa shirts in late 92, early 93, and Paul can be seen wearing the green on at the 1999 hall of fame induction.

  8. Patsounds says:

    The Dome can still be found in Paul’s London home. You can see it here:

    Best regards from Holland, Patrick

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you, for those links. With them, I have finally located the ‘stoner’ dome at Cavendish. The structure is completely separate from the house and located near the rear of the lot. I guess I couldn’t see the dome for the trees. I wonder if Paul has ever gotten lost on his way back-home-from-the-dome. It looks like a fairly lush forest with high population of lawn gnomes. Breadcrumbs or spray-paint to mark the trail? Either way…a cool place to elevate consciousness, the mood, the neighbors…
    It looks like a lot of residents are trying to keep up with the McCartneys. Atriums and glass gazebos are plentiful on Cavendish…but, still only one dome! We’re gonna get high, high, high…

  10. Michoo says:

    Wow, I can`t believe I have visited EMI Studios (Abbey Road Studios nowadays 😉 ) and I was enough careless not to think about trying to find out Cavendish as it close from there, isn`t it?

    One of these t-shirts Paul also wears in Revolution promo-clip;

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    After ‘looking around’ the neighborhood:
    If Paul had done an ‘Esher’ paint job on Cavendish…
    he would have been ejected by the community…24-hour notice!
    zero tolerance from the upper crust…the charge: Heresy!!!

  12. Tammy says:

    Actually Kwai not so far off the mark, all through the mid-late seventies Paul had the house painted in a garish Medeterainian style, all yellows and reds, most of the graffiti on the front gate were messages about Paul’s bad taste in paint jobs :-)

  13. Stephen says:

    Amazing, those guys used to be in the same band, about 10 years before.
    Great to see these. Historic all over.

  14. Tammy says:

    Hmmm, what was Ivan, tea chest bass?, jivin’ with Ivan, the ace on the bass?

  15. Stephen says:

    Ivan the Ultimate Matchmaker, but I’m not sure they were even in the Quarry Men at the same time. ?? Only God knows these things. God or Mark Lewisohn.

  16. MarkC says:

    What guitar is that? What song is he doing?

  17. J.R. Clark says:

    “John, mate of mine from school, this is Paul.”

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