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  1. Hitachi says:

    Sept/Oct 1972 Trident Studios. Recording backing vocals for Carly’s “No Secrets” album, Produced by Richard Perry. Couple on the right of pic are Delaney & Bonnie.
    Interesting story is that on “You’re So Vain” (on this album) Harry Nilsson was to do the backing vocals but was so drunk they couldn’t use him and so they asked Mick Jagger who you can clearly hear on the song.

  2. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Thanks Hitachi – I recognise Bonnie Bramlett but can’t see Delaney there.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    Hoo’s a night owl?
    Too bad Paul and Linda didn’t do the backing vocals on You’re So Vain instead of Mickingbird…”I had some dreams…they were clouds in my coffee…hands across the water”.
    Maybe P&L didn’t want to sing on a song that was about Warren Beatty…

  4. Matthew says:

    I’m so glad that Paul and Linda, and Mick and James Taylor are on this album. It’s an absolute classic and so, so, so well produced!

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