4 Responses to “CAPTURING JOHN:”

  1. rosannadanna says:

    Do you know the history on these pics. Just wondered who some of the people are and where and when this took place.

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi, the people in the top three photos are Yko, John, Sean, Fred Seamand and his aunt Helen (Sean’s nanny) the footage was taken on Aprill 11th 1980 at John and Yoko’s Long Island home, the bottom screen capture is from the video filmed at John and Seans birthday party at ‘Tavern on the green’ in central park 1980.

  3. Jeremy Ball says:

    The bottom screen capture from Tavern On The Green was actually from 1979, not 1980 (in late 1979, he somewhat resembled his late-1980 self).

  4. Tammy says:

    Nope, thats definately 1980, John is wearing his plastic frames and in 1979 at the same place John is wearing his old style round glasses, also the 1980 party was filmed by Bob Gruen and this is where the still is taken from, i have a detailed report from someone who was at the 1980 party and actually filmed.


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