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  1. igor says:

    OK, I’m piqued. For which album was Paul using a binaural dummy head for recording vocals? Press to Play?

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Tug Of War?
    It looks like a rehearsal of Ebony And Ivory…

  3. Tammy says:

    Yes, what IS going on in that photo, what is Macca singing into, any of our tech heads have an idea?.

  4. alex of da bronx says:

    The look on the girls face in photo #1 is priceless

  5. igor says:

    Binaural dummy head recording involves putting two microphones where the ears would be in a dummy head. The idea is that by recording using a set-up that mimics the human head, you can get stereo positioning that is much more accurate. For instance, if you walked around such a setup while talking, and then listened to the recording on headphones, you could hear the sound source walk *behind* you, which can’t be done with standard recording techniques.

    All that begs the question: what song?

  6. Joy says:

    I always find it a bit strange to find Paul smoking – apparently he didn’t smoke as much as George (still upset about that) or John. But I guess it was the ‘thing’ to do in those days…..be cool so everyone notices you!!!!
    Believe me I did it too (I have since quit) after my mom was diagnosed with cancer

  7. etcetera says:

    The song : ” Pipes of Peace “

  8. Paul is recording with “Ringo” -like Ringo Bonavena, an Argentine boxer-, during an experimental session testing the Holophonics technology (at that time, Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd had been interested in this technology as well)
    The technology used for Holophonics is quite different to one used for Binaural. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holophonics

    I believe Paul’s material recorded in that session has never been released.
    Pink Floyd’s album “The Final Cut” is the first recording to use Holophonics.

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