Brother Michael.

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  1. I was blessed to work with mike for about 2-3 days when i was in college. he was doing a small tour of the US. it was a history of Liverpool lecture as i remember.

    we were in a car together going to a radio station for his interview and I had the radio on. The DJ said a stones song was about to come on the radio. he took his portable recorder and held it over the speaker in the car. when he was finished recording what he wanted he says to me “I love the drum opening of Honky Tonk Woman, it’s fantastic”. I’ve never heard the song the same way again. :-)

    Like his brother, I found Mike to be a very classy, approachable, and very comfortable in his own skin. A real good guy.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Giving Grease A Ride
    Mike was at a Beatlefest. I got him to sign my McGough And McGear album.

  3. mcarp555 says:

    Anybody reading this who doesn’t have the ‘McGear’ album, get it. You can thank me later.

  4. Nick_L says:

    I had the good fortune to listen to him talk about his LIverpool Life book in DC a few years back. I got to help a bit as he kept referencing English shows in his talk. Being a fellow Brit I was the only one that could relate so he kept coming back to me with “Well, you know what I’m talking about”. Never been happier to be English. I lined up for his autograph after and he talked to me like an old friend. I probably pissed off the people waiting behind me but…. What a lovely guy. It helped that I was intimately familiar with the Scaffold stuff. Their stuff was perfect for kids growing up. 2 Days Monday, Thank You Very Much and Lily the Pink, all great stuff to sing when you’re a kid. BTW, fave track on McGear – Leave It. If you don’t know that song, look it up. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Lizzie says:

    A lovely guy! Saw him several times at Cavendish Ave. and then once at a Beatlesfest in New Jersey. Have photos. I LOVE The Scaffold and saw them live way back when. I know all those songs by heart. I also love roger McGough’s poetry, I have a couple of his books. Great stories, johnny silver and nick_L!!!

  6. Hey Lizzie, that was from around 1984 when I worked at a Wash DC area college, I was in their marketing dept. Anyway a really weird thing happened after that show: as he left the building there were 2 or 3 teenage girls who saw him and then started shrieking like it was Beatlemania or something. Honestly I felt uncomfortable and a little embarrassed for Mike. But he was very classy and handled it with grace.

    During the days I worked with him I didn’t ask him any Beatles-related questions. I wanted to BUT I didn’t for various reasons. I do remember that Mike and the Promoter got into a huge row after the show. The promoter made a flyer that had a photo of the Beatles on it and he pasted a pic of Mike onto it and distributed it all over campus weeks before the show, suggesting it was gonna be a Beatles show. Mike was pretty furious when he found about it, and I have to say justifiably so given the non-Beatles topic of his show.

  7. alf says:

    What do you think they’re sipping there ? Irish Whiskey – Scotch – Babycham – Pommygranite Juice – Ice Tea Water ????

  8. Michael says:

    Very different looking guys. Don’t know if I’d peg them as bros if I didn’t know who they were.

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Trivial clarification:
    McGough And McGear is an album from 1968. It is a very clever piece of witty sarcasm. The musicianship is upper echelon. The songs/poetry are sublime examples of NON-‘flower power’ PSYCHOdelic clarity and observation served on a platter of relevance that is intact to this day. It’s every bit as good as reading John’s books. It’s the only album of its kind that realizes its objectives…then exceeds them. Although Paul was a heavy contributor…I don’t hear him anywhere.
    The 1974 album, McGear, has none of the esoteric eccentricity of the 1968 offering. This production, for lack of a better term…is just another Wings album. Literally, figuratively and everything else…it’s the kind of help any brother would appreciate. The Gulliver cover is an artistic commentary on any such plight. If you were Paul’s brother…you might not want any of his celebrity to disrupt your attempts at normalcy. You are suddenly a very big person…and, the world has become Lilliput.
    Now, WHAT?
    Quick…something subtle.
    I got it!!! Just change your name to McGEAR.
    Ha ha ha…much better than McFAB…or, even, McBEATLE-BROTHER.
    I think I have under-estimated The Michael.
    If Mike had focused on photography, we might have had many more photos…
    but, we might not have this album.
    Give the grease a ride!
    I haven’t listened to McGear in many years. However, McGough And McGear is still in heavy rotation.

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    Even if they looked alike…
    It wouldn’t matter.
    His last name is McGear.

    In my neighborhood, you can say your name is McGear. But, we all know that you’re Paul McCartney’s brother…whose legal changing of name was covered heavily in the Beatle world. He should have NOT changed his name.
    Then, you can say “I’m Paul’s brother…My name is Mike McCartney”.
    Everywhere, people would say…”Paul McCartney’s brother? Yeah,right bro…you don’t look anything like him”.
    So, the McGear moniker was a guarantee to be known as Paul’s brother.
    Commercial potential is sacred. Now, you’re guaranteed sales.

  11. Lizzie says:

    johnny silver, it was a great idea not to ask him Beatle related questions. And that’s awful what the promoter did with the flyer – come on! And the screaming girls? A little out of place and time, right?

  12. Thank you Lizzie. I love reading your stories, and really look forward to your book! Hope you have a great weekend :-)

  13. Lizzie says:

    Thanks johnny silver! I’m having a great weekend (and tomorrow is a national holiday here) working – what else is new?

  14. Jorge says:

    Very true Michael,

    Brothers for sure but not in resemblance

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