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3 Responses to “A BOATER, NOT A FLOATER:”

  1. Vin says:

    Now, Miss Tammy, I hate to be a pedant, but I just can’t help it. These titfers are boaters, not bowlers. Straw boaters, for going boating in, doncha know. The fabs were often photographed dressed as City Gents in suits, bowler hats and umbrellas, but not this time. Otherwise, keep up the brilliant work. I love your blog!

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Man, they gave up the sweaty black leather for anti-septic suits…
    Now…the suits give way to this?
    What’s next? Animals costumes?
    Please somebody…turn us on to cannabis so that we can turn fashion on its ear and stop the straightness…
    (or…we could discuss something controversial)

  3. Guus says:

    Nice unseen one from December 02-1963

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