Its a little known fact, but in the crazy days just before The Beatles broke up, Paul was so distraught and fearful about his career in showbuisness that he actually started to audition for rolls in TV shows!, i dont have photos of Paul trying out for the rolls of ‘Hank Kimbel’, ‘Bobbie Joe’ (from Petticote junction), ‘JJ’ (from Good times’), or ‘Kojak’ (You’re all pizza and fairytales, pussycat’) which he all auditioned for, what i do have is the incredibly rare photo of Paul trying out for the roll of ‘Debbie’ (bloop) the uber headed primate on ‘Lost in space’, poor Paul .. you can see by his forelorn looks and sunken shoulders that he really didnt have his heart in this roll, luckily for us the part went to ‘Sharon’ the stunt monkey to the stars, and well, Paul? he had to wait till ‘Broadstreet’ for his chance to shine .. ahem.

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