I’m really excited to be getting the latest dvd release from ‘Picture Perfect’ ‘Eye of the hurricane + Palais and Plazas’ this is a two dvd set choc full of rarities and previously silent footage now with sound.

There is one tiny clip that made the whole set worthwhile and reminded me of the indefinable magic of the Beatles, there is a clip of the Fabs in concert somewhere in the States, there is a quick shot of a young guy, an ice cream and sweet seller at the show, but he couldnt care less about selling his jellybabies and choc tops, the Beatles are on stage and he’s mezmerized.

The following screen captures dont really capture the emotion but in the short clip this young lad before our very eyes is falling in love, as we all have with the Fabs, in a few seconds we get to see glee, defiance and a stifled sob from this guy, all very familiar to all who have fallen to the charms of the Beatles.

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