Before the string broke.


6 Responses to “Before the string broke.”

  1. jack bauer says:

    Dick Cavett Show 1971 with Gary Wright and the bangla desh strat

  2. mcarp555 says:

    I’ve waited a few days now, but I’m gonna say it: who is this guy? And is George playing the Bangladesh Strat here (he later gave to Spike)?

  3. Nick D. says:

    I wondered the same thing too but I figured someone who know right away..

  4. MarkZapp says:

    It’s Gary Wright, isn’t it? This was from the Dick Cavett Show, 1971.(MarkZapp)

  5. Michael says:

    Gary Wright and his famous Framus.

  6. Chris says:

    Gary Wright grew up a few towns away from me. I don’t know why George just couldn’t have extended his graciousness and played at least one of his own songs on this Dick Cavett Show that night.

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