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11 Responses to “BEATLES AND BOWIE:”

  1. Markzapp says:

    1975? 1985? and 1973? Me thinks. George didn’t want to catch anything from the Thin White Duke. I read the news today, oh boy, they were the Young Americans…

  2. zappaf78 says:

    You don’t happen to have the polaroid of Bowie and Lennon in Japan (in 77?). Someone posted the pic a couple of years ago but I can’t seem to find the pic since. One of the few things lost from a computer crash.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    Klaatu meets free-base…and evolution starts unravelling. Is that Klaus Voorman? Ringo is a little late for the Ziggy look with the T.Rex perm.

  4. Tammy says:

    Hi Zappa, no i don’t have that polaroid of John and Bowie, i really want it tho, i know it’s out there.

  5. Markzapp says:

    That’s not Klaus.

  6. BLJ says:

    Wow, David Bowie makes George look fat, LOL

  7. Another_Fan says:

    “George didn’t want to catch anything from the Thin White Duke.”

    What do you mean Markzapp? Didn’t he like him or his music..?

    David Bowie is cool! Whenever I see a picture of him, I immediately hear Let’s Dance play in my head XD (I blame the film Zoolander for that one though..)

  8. Markzapp says:

    I meant that in that Glitter Era George was not really interested in meeting people that looked like Bowie. I read an interview with George talking about this. As for him liking his music, I don’t know. Yes I think Bowie is cool too but back then he was pretty scary looking to some.

  9. Brian says:

    There’s that radio interview with George and John from Dec 74, George describing meeting Bowie:

    GEORGE: “David Bowie, these were my very words, and I hope he wasn’t offended by it because all I really meant was what I said, I pulled his hat up from over his eyes and said: hi man, how are you, nice to meet you, pulled his hat up and said, you know, do you mind if I have a look at you, to see what you are because I’ve only ever seen those dopey pictures of you. I mean, every picture I’ve ever seen of David Bowie, or Elton John, they just look stupid to me.”

    JOHN: “I thought they looked great”

    GEORGE: “Well I think he looks dopey… I want to see, you know, WHO the person is…”

  10. Markzapp says:

    THAT’S the interview! Could not remember where it was from though. Thanks.

  11. Another_Fan says:

    A bit late, but thanks guys :)

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