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12 Responses to “BEATLES AND BAB’S:”

  1. mark says:

    when is this? durring the Ringo album in march 73?

  2. Johnny Silver says:


  3. Josephine says:

    absolutely amazing!! Thanks v much for sharing…..

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful picture, thanks for sharing. : )

  5. Patrick says:

    Did John Lennon visited Friar Park? Are there any pictures available?

  6. Samwise says:

    Eloquent, BeatleMark.

  7. Tammy says:

    Wow, never thought of that, i suppose he probably may have .. ?, no pics tho.

  8. Chris says:

    I believe John did visit Friar Park. Didn’t he stop by once and George wasn’t home? But someone shows John George’s All Things Must Pass album cover and John laughed and said he “looks like an anorexic Leon Russel?”

  9. Dan says:

    On April 7, 1973, Universal executive Jennings Lang hosted a fund-raiser at his home for Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo, then on trial for their roles in leaking the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times.

    The event turned out to be more than a humdrum cocktail party. Barbra Streisand performed, and agreed to sing to anyone over the phone for $3,000 a song. Guests included John Lennon and Yoko Ono, as well as Ringo Starr. Streisand sang “Happy Birthday” to Ellsberg, who had just turned 42. All told, according to Time, some $50,000 was raised for the defendants’ legal costs.

  10. Dave Orvis says:

    According to Chris O’dell’s new book, all the Beatles (and their wives) attended a birthday party for Patti Harrison on 3/17/1970. If true this would have been almost 7 months after the 8/22/1969 Tittenhurst last photo session and also 6 months or so after John said he was leavng the group. I wonder if they all were there? How cool would that be if photos surfaced from that party?

  11. Dave Orvis says:

    …oh, Patti’s birthday party on 3/17/1970 was at Friar Park, which George and Patti had just moved into.

  12. Dean Lamanna says:

    As Dan notes above, this photo is from a star-studded April 1973 legal defense fundraiser for Daniel Ellsberg (far left in the photo), the former RAND Corporation military analyst who leaked the classified “Pentagon Papers” about U.S. government deceit in its handling of the Vietnam War to THE NEW YORK TIMES. It was held at the Beverly Hills home of MCA/Universal executive Jennings Lang and his wife, singer-actress Monica Lewis. Lewis, now 89, has documented this newsmaking event — with additional Beatles anecdotal material and rare photos of Streisand and other celebrity attendees — in her memoir HOLLYWOOD THROUGH MY EYES, published by Cable Publishing in May 2011.

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