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10 Responses to “BEATI BLTO:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Now, we’re talkin’!!!
    A priceless John…and so dapper.
    Thanks for the prime run of work Tammy!
    You know the rest…

  2. Pete F. says:

    I was thinking going the exact same thing Kwai
    John looks so dapper!

  3. Michael says:

    Something very melancholy about John’s expression. Perhaps fielding another stupid question. Never seen this pic before. Thanks!

  4. Ishie says:

    Beatles press conference …. Germany-June 1966.

  5. Imagine says:

    This was the Beatles’ first return to Germany since 1962 – It must have been a bittersweet time for John in particular reunited with his dear friend Astrid and reminiscing about Stu Sutcliffe. John and Paul have a sad/amused expression while Ringo and George appear to be happy with a mischievous smile coming from George:)

  6. julio serra says:

    Great photo indeed. Tammy always surprising us all. At this press conference there were a great deal of photographers present and many pictures were taken of this same spot, same pose and many others with different smiles and faces. In this print we see John looking like he’s tired or indifferent with what was going on around him. But this is just one print that shows him looking that way. Other prints we find him smiling. Go figure!

  7. Pete F. says:

    Of course the word “going” does not belong in my earlier post, apologies for being incomprehensible. T’was an early morning post.

  8. Since 1963 says:

    Beatles Blitz-Tournee

  9. Cara says:

    Great photo. There are times when John’s face looks like a classic painting of some 17th Century nobleman. This photo is one of those times, methinks.

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    I doubt that John would have let his heartbreak/loss over Stu to become press conference banter…because no one could have appreciated it. It was too huge…Perhaps he had too much guilt…or maybe he knew he would drown in the tidal wave of sorrow…Was he afraid of grieving? Or, did he run from the slightest hint of Stu…every time…
    I could picture John discussing Stu’s death with Astrid and no one else…IN PRIVATE.
    So, in this picture is probably an in-joke amongst the four of them and maybe directed at a reporter. John looks like he wants to be wearing lederhosen and a shirt that says: “Mein Sorgenkind oompa pah”

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