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  1. henry_the_horse says:

    1964, July 14th. Studio S2, Broadcasting House, London. Rehearsal for the launching B.B.C. Radio 1 programme Top Gear.

  2. I’m quite proud I figured this out Mr Horse, I knew it wasn’t an Abbey Road Mic or screen :-)

  3. henry_the_horse says:

    Congratulations! It actually is an A.K.G. C12, like the one favoured by Emerick and Scott for recording bass guitar. Ken Scott also used it to record accordion and piano. What it gives it away as not being E.M.I. Studios is that it is used as drums overhead balance which was unusual for this time in the Beatles career.
    Here is the same microphone used by Scott to record accordion

    Here are the same isolation panels from the B.B.C. Studio S2, Broadcasting House, London.

  4. Cara says:

    Damn cool photo of Ritchie!

  5. Jorge says:

    Very cool pic, thanks!

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