I know which one i prefer :-)

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  1. @Gustaffah says:

    The Ric, please. :)

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Finally! A good shot of Paul playing his fretless Rickenbacker 4001.

  3. Beatlemark says:

    I wonder what he ever did with his old Ricky bass?

  4. Jocelyn says:


    I would imagine it’s in its case sandwiched between the Yamaha and the Wal. I sure wish he’d take it out one more time.

    Still, I wonder more about what ever became of his first H√∂fner that was stolen circa 1969. If it still exists, it sure would be nice to see it returned to Paul (although I doubt he’d pay to get it back).

  5. Ishie says:

    It was be lovely if the Hofner found its way back to Paul. One never knows …
    Peter Frampton thought his beloved 1954 Gibson Les Paul was destroyed in a 1980 cargo crash, but was happily astonished to be reunited with it after 31 years.

  6. bibi says:

    Rickenbacker PLEASE!!!

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you. I never noticed the ‘fretless’ part…
    Was this special order? Customized? Standard production variant?

  8. MarkZapp says:

    COOL! Never saw him pose with BOTH his famous basses at a single session! Love these.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Yes, it’s easy to overlook the fretless fingerboard. The model is a 4001FL and appears to date to about 1974. I don’t know when Rickenbacker first offered this option, but it was available at no extra cost over the standard 4001 of the time (if my aging brain is supplying me properly). The left-hand option was an additional upcharge, but I have a feeling that this bass was another freebie to Paul.

    This is only the second photo I’ve seen of this bass. The first one is of low-resolution and only parts of the bass are visible as Paul is sitting in front of it. That made this promo shot sweet for me (I’m a bass player and I love the sounds a good bass and better player can make).

  10. Tammy says:

    I wonder if this bass is seen in the ‘So Bad’ promo clip, because it sure sounds like Paul is playing a fretless bass in the actual song.

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks, Jocelyn.
    Valuable info. Paul’s bass playing is a garden full of blooms and blossoms. It’s melodic instincts are complex yet the delivery can be so subtle. He is so under-rated and yet, he did more for the instrument’s respectability than any of his ‘contemporaries’. His best Beatle basslines are still unchallenged…
    A Day In The Life, Come Together, Rain, Paperback Writer…cutting edge…
    and the reason people miss the bass playing is that the songs are so good to begin with. Let’s be honest…the things Paul does to the bass in Rain could be called sexual assault of a musical instrument…
    (I’m just tellin’ it like it is)
    Is that the Ricky in Rain? How about Come Together?
    …don’t get me started…

  12. Michal says:

    I agree about Pauls first Hofner, such a pity, loox like there are hardly good memories about this Let IT Be sessions. I`ve read somewhere that Paul refuses to put it out on DVD (which we all hope he`ll do as a next after Help! and MMT) due to not put the band in the bad light (like this movie wasn`t once in cinemas all over the world ;-)) I also wonder what happened with his first Ricky, is it possible that he repainted it again in circa 1968? You can see Ricky bass – orange-ish – in the sessions for Let It Be as well. You can see it in a backgroung in Two Of Us song, have you noticed? I wonder if it is this particular bass, what say you guys??

  13. Michal says:

    oh and as reply to Kwai Changs question, not able to say in 100% if it was Ricky in Rain but at least 90% that yes. Paul started to use it for Rubber Souls sessions already and You can`t see him with any other bass on pictures from Revolver sessions so this is very probable;

  14. yeah, Paul used his first Ricky 4001 for Rain and Paperback. I can say that with 100% certainty.

  15. Tammy says:

    Just been listening to amazing Rockband MOGG files, really a pure extraction, and it’s obvious Paul’s fingers have learnt to dance on the Ricky 4001, on of all songs ‘What goes on’!!, you can see Paul is pretty rudimentary for the first third of the song, then his fingers are unleashed, you can almost hear them break free of their Hofner shackles, by the end of the song he notches it it, and his nimble little fingers are have a fine time :-)

  16. The ric is not the famous one.
    It’s the back-up……!

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