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9 Responses to “BAND ON THE RUN:”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Paul jammin’ on a washboard! Love it.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Mary Had A Little Lamb promo poster??? Never seen that before…

  3. The guy on the right is the legendary Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti.

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    Awesome info Winston O’…
    when Fela died in 1997, over a million people showed up at the funeral…

  5. The washboard shot was taken in July, ’74 at Nashville’s Soundshop Studio. Paul was adding percussion to the almost-finished “Walking Thru the Park with Eloise” by the Country Hams. I know because I was there when this Polariod shot was taken (by Linda) and I watched as this shot and others developed on the table in front of me. I still have the package the thimbles came in that he used for his washboard playing. No kidding.

  6. Tammy says:

    RE-SPECT!!!!, I knew the pick wasn’t from the Band on the run sessions, for some reason Paul chose to put it in the book of the special edition of the recent Band on the run reissue.

  7. Tammy says:

    And Brent, anytime you wish to flesh out this story feel free :-)

  8. Brent from Nashville says:

    Ooh, thanks for asking. Long, long story but here’s the short version: got in the studio that night with my dad (I was 17), who knew Buddy Killen very well. Buddy was the producer/publishing executive who orchestrated Macca’s Nashville trip. Buddy also owned the studio. Made it into the control room where Paul was at the board discussing next move on “Walking Thru the Park,” for which they had just added horns. I could hear his voice, but there were so many people in the room it took several minutes before I could see him. Incredible hearing his voice like that. He eventually went into the studio and recorded the washboard percussion. Linda took numerous shots throughout and, as I said in my earlier post, she laid them down on a table in front of me. I watched as the Polaroids developed. Why didn’t I ask for one? Met him and Linda and shook their hands (& got autographs) in the studio a while later. He said my name back to me and made a joke. Very friendly. I noticed his Rickenbacker bass (the one with the Red Rose Speedway sticker) about three feet from me. There were no other members of Wings there that night. Later in the control room, my dad started making our goodbyes so we didn’t wear out our welcome. Instead, Paul asked if we would stay and hear what they had recorded in Nashville so far? So we did. They played for us (not just for us, but we were there) “Bridge on the River Suite,” “Junior’s Farm” and “Sally G” as well as another listen to the freshly-finished “Walking Thru the Park with Eloise.” We ended up leaving the studio after P&L left, and Paul said, “See you, chaps!” and waved as they made their way out the door. Again, they were very friendly to us. Thanks for the Blog, Tammy. Love it and check it all the time.

  9. Tammy says:

    I bow (nicely) before you.

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