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  1. A Different Chris says:



  2. Ken Wood says:

    Press to play is a great record!
    (Well at least I loved it)

  3. Stephen says:

    They’re REMASTERING the WHOLE catalogue!

    But keeping the LOUSY STEREO mixes!

  4. les says:

    At the very least Press To Play has the track ‘Footprints’. Lovely little song in my opinion.

  5. I can’t listen to any McCartney from 85-88, it’s painful as he was so lost during this time, he never fully recovered critically from it.

  6. Michael says:

    I just downloaded the extended dance version of “Magneto and Titanium”!

  7. Michael says:

    Titanium Man, that is…

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    “What the…?”
    “hey, everybody, Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings!!!”

    I thought Press To Play was a decent offering…
    there is some good herbal music like Good Times Coming, Pretty Little Head, However Absurd…Talk More Talk(to a lesser degree)…
    The commercial stuff(Press, Stranglehold) are just OK…
    The real problem with this album is too many helpers. I think production was top-heavy…how could it not? Too many producers, mixers, assistants, musicians, voices, harmony vocals…and too many remixed b-sides. This album should have had the following disclaimer:
    “General Contractor- Paul McCartney” with all others listed as sub-contractors (low-bid?)…”Accuracy is neither guaranteed, nor implied”
    Think of this as a McCartney tract-home rather than a custom/spec structure. Solution: back to ‘In-House’ everything(including artwork)…
    “Pressed To Sell” (priced to sell???)

  9. stephanie says:

    I agree that P2P was one of Paul’s patchier efforts, but “Stranglehold” and “Only Love Remains” were two standout tracks for me. Stranglehold should have been the first single. Why is it that Paul struggles to pick a great first single from his albums?

  10. mcarp555 says:

    For a long time I would actually skip “Stranglehold” when playing the album. It’s clear in hindsight that “P2P” was the beginning of Paul’s long slow decent. It lead to a slew of poor albums (including “Flowers”, which I know lots of people like), and like Tammy said, he’s never really come out of. I also think it’s the first album in which you can hear his voice is starting to go. He could (and still can) sing of course, but the range and the power are certainly affected. Age or herbs, who can say? Don’t get me wrong – I love the man, but compared to his last ‘great’ album (“Tug of War”, minus “Ebony & Ivory”) the differences are clear. It’s like an 80’s version of “Driving Rain”.

  11. Louise says:

    It’s so lovely how a Beatles “fan” site loves to go out of its way to ridicule Paul (always Paul) when John’s and George’s solo work is filled with a boatload of mediocrity.

    P.S. Tug of War is not a great album; it’s just Paul’s version of the adult contemporary mush that characterized Double Fantasy and much of George’s solo work. But two of Paul’s recent albums are excellent: Chaos and Creation and Electric Arguments.

  12. Whoa whoa whoa, lest we lose the spirit of bad luck Beatle Brian, let me clarify, yes tis true, anything recorded in the years 85-88 I can’t really stomach listening too, Paul seemed to have lost his way artistically, as far back as Broadstreet, but ‘No more lonely nights’ saves me extending it to 84-88, even tho that movie done irreparably ‘commercial’ damage to his career. From 1989 to this very day Macca has been on an upward trajectory artistically that cannot be bettered by anyone in that time frame. What I meant was ‘commercially’ the years 84-88 done Paul harm, with future sales, chart positions and pretty much giving the critics carte Blanche to hammer him at every opportunity, whereas in the past, before those list years, he was given a little leeway and a lot more deserved respect. Every single album from Flowers on I adore, and yes, even Driving Rain, it just needs a little fat trimmed from it, but it’s one of his most personal, revealing albums ever.

  13. I think there is a ‘little’ room for ridicule, I mean Ringo’s (ahem) ‘Art’? :-) Most things are subjective, and it’s very much an ‘Each to their own’, so long as people remember that, no one is right or wrong when it comes to music, its all individual taste, take me for example, i find nothing wrong with ‘Biker like an icon’, ‘Magneto’ would be one of my desert island discs, apparently with many it’s not popular. As I did with ‘Brian’ he also got his first Lennon album, so it’s not just Paul copping it :-)

  14. Don Percy says:

    All good points Tammy. Each to there own, but for me – Press to Play was the nadir. Melody, production, performance – everything he’d learned, seemingly forgotten! (Even the toe tapper PRESS – which I admit to enjoying – banal lyrics…!) But it wasn’t just him – many of the stalwarts were lost at this time…

  15. Nick says:

    I think Pipes Of Peace is easily the worst of the 1980’s albums. I’ve only listened to the entire album once through and it was painful.

  16. Since 1963 says:

    OK, I’ll jump on
    I agree with Nick. PoP is hard to take, but the rest has so much good on them. Just trim “some” (lots of) fat off them and you’ll find some gems. I LOVE Stranglehold, for example. I also love all albums from D. R. and on, including the Fireman set. Kisses is different, but I listen to it once in a while. Wish it had more Scouse on it, though.
    Now, I am a bit nervous about the middle of the month. Aren’t you? This has got to be good with 6 years in the making. I also hope Paul is right when he says there’s material for a second new album ready. Fingers crossed. Don’t let me down, Paulie.

  17. debjorgo says:

    The chat site I visit a lot (abbeyrd.proboards) did a poll ranking Paul’s 26 albums. Press to Play came in at number 14, above Red Rose, Run Devil, Wild Life, Unplugged, Off the Ground, Trippin’, CCCP, Pipes of Peace, Broadstreet, Speed of Sound, Kisses and McCartney II.

    I rated Press to Play number 10. Phil’s ’80s fake drums are the only thing that sounds dated to me. And they are a whole lot better sounding on this than on most of his output at the time.

    The standout songs for me were Stranglehold, Footprints, Talk More Talk, Angry, and Pretty Little Head.

  18. mcarp555 says:

    “It’s so lovely how a Beatles “fan” site loves to go out of its way to ridicule Paul … Tug of War is not a great album.”

    ‘Nuff said there. We can argue endlessly over whether “Off the Ground” is better or worse than “Gone Troppo”. Everybody has their likes and dislikes; I’ll take any ‘bad’ Paul album over almost anyone else’s ‘great’ album.

  19. Michael says:

    Look, Paul is the man. Really, no one is a bigger fan than I. However, I don’t think anyone could argue that his solo stuff and stuff with Wings contained a hell of a lot more sappy selections than either John or George ever produced. Just sayin…

  20. Bill C says:

    My P2P is sort of an EP,
    Good Times Coming
    Only Love Remains
    Write Away
    It’s not True …and I love it

  21. Ishie says:

    With such a vast catalog there are bound to be mediocre songs especially when compared to his most stellar ‘tracks’.
    Paul is a master …. at 71 years young he can still write, rock and perform and that in itself says it all!

  22. Jo says:

    The fact remains: even the MOST mediocre stuff recorded by the solo Fabs is legions beyond anything else the rest of the world recorded. Of course, I am prejudice! I love it all, I do, I do!

  23. Jeff says:

    However Absurd was a great song on Press to Play, with Paul ruminating on whether or not music had moved on and passed him by – “Custom made dinosaurs, too late now for a change, Everything is under the sun but nothing is for keeps.” He explored the same concept on Flying to My Home (Bside of My Brave Face from Flowers in the Dirt) when he speculated about whether or not he would fit in with the current state of the music industry – “I haven’t been back for so long I don’t know if I’m gonna recognize it, They gave the old place a new face and I’m gonna take some time to size the situation up.” Brilliant, if you ask me. Both songs, by the way, also feature Paul using different voices other than his natural voice, similar to the way he experimented with different voices – Why Don’t We Do It In the Road, Lady Madonna, Get Back, etc. Hopefully, he will mix up the vocal tones on the new record to provide a little variety and dimension.

  24. I was hoping for a few more ‘Bad luck Beatle Brian’ entries, but i’m not sure you can all play nice, i thought Chris’ effort was gold :-) i’ve come up with a few others that i dare not print :-) Miss Tammy is away for a few days redecorating her new witness protection location, so be nice while i’m away :-)

  25. Pete F. says:

    Bad luck Beatle Brian 😉

  26. Cara says:

    BAd luck for Brian, but good luck for Tammy! Congratulations on being one of Mr. Lewisohn’s links on his new website!

  27. Mark Jones says:

    I like ‘Press To Play’.

    And the first Lennon solo album I got WAS ‘Life With The Lions’ on cassette. I took it home, pulled that face, and took it back and swapped it for ‘Live Peace In Toronto’

  28. mcarp555 says:

    Bad luck Beatle Brian – Wins first eBay auction for Beatles promo album – Reel Music.

  29. mcarp555 says:

    Bad luck Beatle Brian – Goes to London, visits Abbey Street.

  30. Stephen says:

    Well Cara, presumably Henry the Horse and/or A Car and Car Etc are Mr Lewisohn heself… who else would know this minutiae? (If not Mr L, then possibly Andy Babiuk for the techy info. Or maybe Geoff Emrick. Some kind of insider/near-insider.)

  31. Stephen says:

    Our Tammy gets a mention in the Anthology book too. But not sure what for… GOOD things obviously!

  32. derek says:

    What happened is the world got all revisionist after December 1980, much of it aimed McCartney’s way. It seemed to take until 1989 or so for people to re-appreciate him.

    Either that, or 1989 was when (like a lot of 60s acts) he made the shift from Current Act to Nostalgia Act, which coincided with Beatle-loaded tours and perky new LP. A formula he’s pretty much stuck to.


  33. Ooh!!!!, Miss Tammy heads south for a few days, and I find out I’m on Marks page!?, whillikers!!, that’s awesome, and is a lovely nod and a wink, it’s an honor to be acknowledged, because it means our mission of spreading the joy of The Beatles is working. I love knowing that our Beatle world forms so many great friendships, and such shared joy in all the amazing things The Fabs gave us, and continue to give.
    I’ll be back next week, but for now I have to reattach my tracking ankle bracelet.

  34. Kwai Chang says:

    What happened to the ‘Bad Luck’ Beatle Brian?
    First, he scored an old Rolling Stone magazine from 1969…got a long forgotten hot-tip in the reviews section…now, he’s finally found a copy of this rare slab of licorice pizza…The Masked Marauders. “I can’t believe I found a copy”.
    Second, Bad Luck Beatle Brian received a visit from local law-enforcement when it was discovered that he was cultivating Cannabis Sativa without a medical marijuana permit. Authorities destroyed an undisclosed number of plants in the designated “McCartney Garden”. Brian was quoted as saying “I got the seeds from a Paul McCartney fan. They were supposed to be black carnations. That’s what I was told, anyway”. Brian says that he doesn’t know anything about marijuana horticulture and that he will now have to find black carnations via an alternative retail source. “I hope I can afford it”.
    No charges were filed.
    And finally, Brian is desperately looking for ANY copy of Another Day that is NOT ruined by over-modulated bass distortion. The Japanese vinyl 45 even sucks! Where were the VU meters on mixing day of Another Day?

    (Don’t tell Brian that “off the ground” is macca-slang for “high”)

  35. JSD says:

    Bad luck Beatle Brian splurges for “Super Deluxe Ringo Rama” boxset with DVD of zany Ringo and Mark Hudson nothingness; realizes too late standard version better(and much cheaper)

  36. Kwai Chang says:

    Bad Luck Beatle Brian seeks unknown McCartney/Wings single recorded under the pseudonym The Country Hams. (Will pay top dollar). “I hope it sounds like Sally G”…

  37. Stephen says:

    Beatle Brian gets new Beatle bio….
    It’s by Geoffrey Giuliano

  38. Tammy says:

    Ha!!, now that IS bad luck :-)

  39. Kwai Chang says:

    I agree with Tammy’s epilogue/outro. Your comment made me cringe. I think Bad Luck Beatle Brian will soon be doing the Lewisohn Vol.1 if he wants a recipe for Beatle success…

    Nice garnish!


  40. Nick says:

    Ohhhh! My Mark Lewisohn signed book is on it’s way to my home! Cannot wait!!

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