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10 Responses to “AVEDON OUTTAKE:”

  1. lizzie says:

    wow! now i’m totally awake!

  2. Ishie says:

    I would just love to know how many outakes exist from the Avedon session ….
    Every now and then when/if one is posted they are just gorgeous & I can’t help but think what a good looking lot they were ….

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful picture! I love this photo session. : ) <3

  4. Don Percy says:

    From a photo of a photo – judging by the slightly warped perspective…!?

  5. lizzie says:

    i was just thinking that, ishie, what a good looking lot they were!

  6. Beatlemark says:

    This photo session brought out my favorite picture of John Lennon. We have it here in the states inside the Beatles “Love Songs” double lp.

  7. MarkZapp says:

    Where Capitol deceided to swap Ringo and Paul!

  8. Alpha Bitch says:

    When he became “naked”

  9. The Losman says:

    Something is up with this picture…I can’t pinpoint it, but it looks to have been doctored a little…the light and shade is off and the top half of John’s face and head look disproportionate to the lower half. Does anyone else see this…or am I just going down to the bits that I left uptown?

  10. Alpha Bitch says:

    no, your bits are good, the photo is wonky. looks like what john would appear to be if you dreamed him.

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