An autograph to ‘Karl’ a studio assistant at the Record Plant, who went out to get John some new strings for his guitar, to play the solo on ‘Walking on thin ice’.

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4 Responses to “AUTOGRAPH FROM 5TH-7TH DECEMBER 80:”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these, I have never seen this great picture before and I think the autograph is neat. : )

  2. LUIS says:

    hi there I’m glad you posted this one I sent you some weeks ago.I’m glad to be useful to this site that has made me spend so many happy hours

  3. LUIS says:

    by the way I thinl “karl” is the one with the squares shirt in the picture.

  4. greg raymond says:

    So happy to know that John’s last autograph wasn’t for (you know who)

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