AUSSIE 1975:

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  1. CindyB says:

    I wish I could have seen Wings back in the 70s because I was such a fan of their’s growing up!!! In 1978 I went to Indianapolis to see a fellow Neil Diamond fan and to see him in concert. In 1976 Wings had been in Indy and I had mentioned to her that I really would love to see them. She told me she couldn’t get tickets or gave some lame excuse. While there to see Neil she mistakingly forgot what she had told me, and showed me a huge photo album of Paul/Wings photos from that concert that she had said she couldn’t tickets for!! They were super beautiful photos. I never asked her why she lied to me, though. Later on she turned out to not be a very nice person, continuing to lie to me. I often wonder what happened to her.

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