AUGUST 22ND 1969:

This one is for Julio.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Sadly, George looks like he’s thinking “get me the F out of here, already!”


  2. Kwai Chang says:

    is the cover of hey jude album the front door of main house???
    (how many structures are at Tittenhurst? How many were used in the shoot?)
    thanks in advance

  3. Dave says:

    @Kwai Chang:

    No, the cover of Hey Jude was shot outside an additional building in the grounds of the property.

    Passing on the questions….

    …was this the same building John, George, Pattie & co were photographed in sharing a meal with the Hari Krishna’s?

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    thanks so much…

  5. beatle55 says:

    go to the beatle photo sessions at nemsworld. it will give you some info on the shoot. a friend.

  6. julio serra says:

    Thanks so much for posting a different frame of this extraordinary session, which is, by the way, celebrating its 42nd anniversary today.
    It reminds me, Tammy has done a fantastic display of the Tittenhurst photo shoot for the 40th anniversary never seen so thoroughly anywhere before.

  7. Lennon97 says:

    Being 13 and probably one of the younger people who reads/looks at this blog I just wanted to say that I love it a ton….makes me happy, well the Beatles in general make me happy(: so thanks

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi and welcome, and THANK YOU!, always happy to hear someone is enjoying the photo’s i post, you’re lucky in a way to be so young, us older fans used to have to wait days, week and months to get photo’s before the net, you would have to live off maybe one or two new photo’s a year! :-) so please enjoy the blog, and please, just scan over the naughty, or rude posts :-) Greg.

  9. hey you says:

    paul seems to be the only person that looks remotely upbeat.

  10. debjorgo says:

    None of the rock stars smiled around this time.

    It’d be funny if they got it from the Beatles because it looked cool. But the Beatles were really in a bitchy mood.

  11. Chelsea says:

    Yeah, family drama was at an all-time high … :/

  12. Lennon97 says:

    Hahaha still wish I could have been arround in the 60’s oh well :( Alright I’ll try to scan over them lol

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    I derailed…
    (thanks for the nemsworld tip)

  14. Chelsea says:

    @Lennon97: Nice to see a younger person on here! I’m 24, so definitely older than you, but still relatively young when it comes to Beatles fans.

    Given your username, I assume your favorite is John? Mine is George.

    Nice to meet you! :)

  15. Lennon97 says:

    Yes my favorite is John(: Acctually they’re all my favorite 😀

  16. Chris says:

    I wonder how this last photo-shoot came about? Who’s idea was this photo-shoot and why at John and Yoko’s new house? Who commissioned the photographers Monte Fresco and Ethan Russell to do it? How long did this photo-shoot take? Did the Beatles feed the crew? Did they know this was their last photo-shoot? This whole photo-shoot is so mysterious to me.

  17. beatle55 says:

    i think it was just a publicity shoot, but what is in the briefcase that george was holding? maybe their lunch. a friend.

  18. lizzie says:

    welcome lennon97! you might be the youngest and i am probably the oldest (60) – tammy’s blog is the BEST in the entire world, no doubt. i am totally addicted to it! what wouldn’t we have given for a mobile phone and a digital camera in the 60’s when following the boys around! i get tired just reading my diaries: in one day we would go to weybridge, back to cavendish ave., to emi, trident, apple – it was crazy! and sometimes even with all that effort we couldn’t find them and the next day we would be told they were recording elsewhere. that very day – august 22nd – i was still living in london and had no idea where they were. i read in my diary that i went to apple then to emi. paul was there but i didn’t see him.

  19. BLJ says:

    No Lizzie, if you are only 60 I got you by five years, making me the oldest :)

  20. Lennon97 says:

    (: Lizzie, hahaha thats awesome! Did you ever get to meet any of them? I would die to meet Paul or Ringo!

  21. Tammy says:

    Oh Hannah, does Lizzie have some story’s to tell you :-) for a start, pull out ‘Across the universe’ and have a listen, hear the girls voices on there?, one of them is Lizzie :-)

  22. Lennon97 says:

    Really? if thats true (i cant tell if ur kidding or not 😀 ) Thats sweet!

  23. Since 1963 says:

    It’s true. You will learn as you continue to follow this blog that Lizzie is “Beatles Royalty” around this neck of the woods. :)

  24. My name's Betty says:

    Actually you’d be surprised, there are a lot of us teens that are beatle fans, starving for meaningful music, poor us :'( and I’d die happily if Paul McCartney touched my hair like Tammy 😀

  25. My name's Betty says:

    that is, like Lizzie I meant. Funny, I just noticed all the smily faces.

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