August 1980, 353 48th street.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow, a “new” one! I was on holiday in NYC in August of 1980, but I didn’t want to bother John so I didn’t wait outside for him anywhere. Oh how I wish I had…

  2. Jorge says:

    Wearing his Quarry Bank tie

  3. Alex of Bronx says:

    John being John right to the end.

  4. alf says:

    Zip it – Zip it good .

  5. Michael says:

    So much to do, so little time.

  6. what an exciting time august 1980 was. it was around then that the news came out that john was recording. i was 18 and had been deprived of new lennon music because he had refrained from recording for 5 years. still remember being in my car, pulling over to the side of the road when the DJ announced the radio station just got a copy of Starting Over and was playing it for the first time. the DJ adored John: he had this very reverent, respectful tone of voice as he introduced the song. i’ll never forget that day.

  7. Jeff says:

    I have a similar memory of racing home when I was 17 and flipping stations to find Starting Over on the day it premiered, coming across it mid-song, and having it dawn on me that here it was! I then followed up with getting the single on the first day it came out and the album the first day it came out. Those were thrilling and hopeful days!

  8. Nick D. says:

    I have the same exact memory! I was just 18 when the new Lennon single was played on the radio for the first time. I asked the local record store when they were getting the new single and I bought it on the first day of release. Yes, it was a very exciting time to be a Lennon fan.

  9. I seem to recall that reading the Random Notes section in Rolling Stone was where I first learned of John’s return to recording. I was absolutely stunned.

    I got into the Beatles in ’76 so unfortunately, there was precious few sightings of John anywhere from ’76 ’til ’80. Maybe a photo of him in the newspaper once or twice a year when he was spotted somewhere. So the news in Rolling Stone hit me like a hammer over the head.

    In ’78 or ’79 some dope on the radio said that John was spotted somewhere in NYC buying a typewriter, so he went on to speculate that maybe John was writing his autobiography (I’m not making this up!). That was an example of the mystery & intrigue that surrounded John at that time.

  10. steve in the Bronx says:

    A New Yorker always!!

  11. Jeff says:

    That Rolling Stone was with Rodney Dangerfield on the cover, September 18, 1980, with a photo of John in the studio playing the Sardonyx guitar.

  12. bryan says:

    Yes I remember hearing Starting Over, probably November, initial thought was: oh no it sounds like Showaddywaddy. Then it got to the bit: ”But when I see you darling…” and I remember thinking: ah there it is, that’s the Beatle bit, the bit that makes it special. That’s why.”

  13. Jeff says:

    Yes I visited The Dakota in August 1980
    Somewhere here in the archives are photos I took of Yoko alone
    Coming out for a walk on August 17th 1980.
    No John that day.
    I guess it wasn’t meant to be
    Very exciting times for sure

  14. i remember the building on my college campus that i was parked in front of when i first heard Starting Over. i honestly was a little disappointed, naturally because the anticipation had built up HUGE expectations in my mind. similar to when i first heard Free As A Bird. but both songs have grown on me, especially the latter.

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