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9 Responses to “ATTRIUM:”

  1. Julia says:

    Yep, nothing like a glasshouse for making your hair curly…

  2. Lizzie says:

    and i spent years of my life trying to make my curly hair straight… i guess no one’s ever happy with what they get.

  3. D- says:

    Not his best look.

  4. Chelsea says:

    His hair did go through just about a million changes … the perm period was unfortunate.

  5. Leah says:

    Well, the perm was in at that point in time. Who can blame him? He doesn’t look terrible.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Oh no, he doesn’t look terrible. It’s hard for George to look terrible. :)

  7. Chris says:

    Great photo of George from 1979. I always wanted a green house. I think George very well might be the most photogenic of the fab four.

  8. AuroraSkye says:

    VERY VERY photogenic even with the awful perm! 😀

  9. greg raymond says:

    Hangin’ out at Jeff Lynn’s barber shop.

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