Did Paul McCartney make pit stop in Springfield?
Springfield may have had its first visit from a Beatle on Saturday afternoon ,when someone who sure looked like Sir Paul McCartney strolled into the Circle K gas station/convenience store, 3261 Clear Lake Ave.

The five friends who had their picture taken with the visitor say there’s no question it was McCartney. McCartney’s publicist in the United Kingdom has not been reachable this afternoon to confirm the singer’s whereabouts.

C.J. Lowder of Springfield noticed the man when he came back outside the convenience store.

His cousin, Josh Lowder, said “Hey, Paul!” and that led to this photograph, which the group said was taken by McCartney’s girlfriend, Nancy Shevell.

McCartney told the group he was on his way to St. Louis, but didn’t say why. Details in Tuesday’s State Journal-Register.

* NOTE FROM TAMMY: You’ve just gotta love Paul, people rag him out for being ‘ordinary’ but i really believe this attitude is what has kept him pretty sane and grounded, i’ve heard tons of stories of Paul just driving across the US and the UK stopping in at odd places and hanging out, i cant help but think that if people like Elvis had been a lot more grounded and not surrounded by ‘yes’ men then they’d still be around, i remember when Paul was in Australia we were all waiting for a big motorcade and police escort for Paul to arrive for rehearsals, but we were all taken by surprise and he almost slipped by us when Paul (who was driving), Linda and the kids drove past us in a Ford obviously after a day relaxing at the beach. You do have to wonder at just how many frequent flyer points Paul must accumulate, in the past two weeks alone Paul was in the UK, flew to New York for the Shea concert, then flew to Canada for the Quebec concert, then back to the UK for Alisdhairs exhibition and now he’s back in the States and driving across the country, whatever he’s drinking i want some of it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes extreme fame such as his makes it that much easier to travel incognito when you really want to. I mean let’s face it….how many people would ever even dream much less expect someone on the level our Macca is to turn up at the local market in the middle of nowhere?? You see ’em standing there right in front of you and you’re telling yourself nawwww….absolutely no way is that who I think it is etc…either you think you’re hallucinating or you’re just too stunned to do anything. These schlubs that go around with a 50 bodies deep entourage are doing nothing but deliberately attracting attention to themselves despite all the bitching and bellyaching they do about how the ” VANT TO BE LEVVED ALOOOOONNE”..yeah, and I’m Steve McQueen’s long lost nephew! If they REALLY wanted to keep their private lives private, they’d ditch the circus act and behave like rational beings.

  2. starberryshyne says:

    I have been to that Circle K! And Paul is in St. Louis….why?? To come see me? My goodness I am getting all excited for no reasons.

    I take my Grandma to Springfield on a semi-regular basis for a cancer doctor and have gotten gas at the Cirle K on Clear Lake. Why wasn’t Paul there one of those times?????

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is great! I just found your blog, Tammy, and gotta say I love it!

  4. Tammy says:


    Glad you found me .. please spread the word to all your Beatle friends.


  5. CAS says:

    …I have absolutely no idea how I would react in this situation. Probably have a heart attack or go into shock…

    Where can I find some of the luck that these guys had?? Seriously…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone, I spotted the couple of pictures of Paul , Linda and James on Main street in Amagansett from the 70’s. The pictures reminded me of an experience I had in the 80’s

    Once when driving back from Montauk Point NY, I was utterly stunned to see Paul, wife and kids all on their bicycles at the intersection of Abrahams landing and Montauk Hwy around ( mid-80’s). They were all stratling their bikes waiting for the traffic to clear before they crossed the road. I was about 14 and with my folks. We were making the trip back home after a vacation in Montauk point. I yelled from the back seat “Hey, I just saw Paul McCartney” .My folks could care less. At the time I would have bet my life on it.My older brother and sister said ” yea yea yea, sure you saw him” Well,many years have gone by and I have since learned that Paul has a house a couple of miles down Abrahams landing road somewhere in the back roads of Amagansett.
    This would be the only time I saw a Beatle in my entire life, This a I’m proud to say. I have crossed their paths many times.

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