9 Responses to “APPLE DOOR:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Is that the L.A. house that burned up?
    (much memorabilia was lost…)
    So much to endure…
    Still ahead:
    Thomas Tank Engine.
    Sun Country Coolers.
    I think I can, I think I can
    “Got to pay your dues,
    if you want to sing beaucoups of blues”

  2. Tammy says:

    I think it is the house that got torched.

  3. Jorge says:

    Woulda been cool to have that door!

  4. MarkC says:

    I always thought the Rotogravure photo was taken at Savile Row.

  5. GLcompany says:

    John had that original door moved to the Dakota, so this could be at the Dakota at one of the occasions Ringo visited him.
    The Rotogravure picture was taken while the door was still at 3 Saville Row.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    (Without checking the cover of Rotogravure to verify)
    We must be seeing the inside of the door. The outside didn’t have Beatles signatures on it. I don’t see John’s…but, this looks as if it were a gift “To Ringo”. When was that pomp and circumstance?
    Was there a party?

  7. Tammy says:

    Well spotted, I didn’t realize the Fabs had signed the door :-)

  8. Jorge says:

    Good to know GLcompany, that the door was indeed saved!

  9. Wogew says:

    I know someone who has the actual sign that was on the door (as on the Rotogravure cover).

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