Andy in the garden

As collectors i’m sure we’ve all had those moments where you cant find a piece of your collection that you KNOW you have, this has happend to me several times, and the worst time involved a photo i couldnt find. Years ago i saw a photo of The Beatles at a press confrence and Andy Warhol was standing on the stage near them, being a big admirer of Andy i thought this was so cool to find a pic of the Fabs and Andy together, i wrote on a little slip of paper and stuck it in the magazine so i could remember where it was if i ever wanted to print it in our fanzine, or use it for an article.

About six months later i went to find the photo and could not for the life of me remember where i had see the photo, i remembered putting in a piece of paper on the page, but alas i couldnt find it .. this was seven years ago, many searches and hunts have ensued but i never turned it up, finally i gave up and conceded that it was lost or the only way i would find it would be to stumble across it.

Fast forward to last week when i was searching my archives for ANOTHER lost photo (found that one, whew!) imagine my glee when at the bottom of a pile of papers and magazines i saw a tiny piece of paper that i instantly recognised as the one i’d used to mark the Andy photo, sure enough when i pulled it out there it was .. Andy and The Beatles in all it’s black and white glory.

I’ve always been facinated with the Beatles relationship with Andy Warhol, John seems to have been the closest to him, but at a recent Warhol exhibition i found some correspondence from Paul in Andys personal papers.

Below is the photo of Andy at the press confrence with the Beatles, anyone have a clue where and when?, is there film of this floating around?

Below that pic is one of John and Andy at a private party in 1978, this is also a pretty rare time frame for a photo of John to emerge from.

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  1. Ys says:

    Glad you found the photo – it’s a really good one :)

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