And Doris Day.


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  1. Nick D. says:

    Ringo nodding off?

  2. Olympic Studios ’71

  3. Nick_L says:

    Looks like he’s cradling a small dog or cat or perhaps realigning….

  4. alf says:

    Those bucket looking things are the studio ashtrays ?

  5. Jorge says:

    Wow! I had no idea B B King actually met the Beatles! Nice

  6. Nick D. says:

    What session is this for?

  7. Not sure which session, maybe someone else knows?

    The BB King in London album. Ringo drums on:
    “Ghetto Woman”, “Wet Hayshark”, and “Part-Time Love”

  8. If anyone digs studio session musicians, there are a gazillion of them on this album

  9. Sage Brush says:

    Yippee…….a new entry from Miss Tammy. I was starting to get worried!

  10. Jorge says:

    1971?, oops my bad……I take back my earlier comment

  11. Chris says:

    Cool photo!

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