After nearly thirty years of collecting photo’s of John from 1980 it never ceases to amaze me that just when i think the well is dry another frame from a known photographed session surfaces, just yesterday i found this frame and as i think i’ve said before this day (And the ‘window’ photo from December the 8th) features my favorite ever look of John, he looks timeless and just so cool and fantastic, i’ve seen the same frames from this day over and over so to turn this up was pure gold.

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  1. changemyworld says:

    he does look great, but he was also really unhealthy – if not anorexic he was way too skinny

  2. Debjorgo says:

    Starving skinny is healthy.

    Calorie deprivation extends life.

    Unless you're barfing up to get that way, skinny is the way.

  3. sun_runner says:

    i've seen this photo before, nothing new here. all you need to do is search "john lennon 1980" on google images. that's the way i found the september 2 1980 photos.

  4. Tammy says:

    Hey sun_runner,

    This is where i pull rank, i know there are a few photo's from this day, but this 'frame' has only just surfaced, i have spent 29 years scouring the earth for every photo i can find of John in 1980, it's my main area of collecting,

    So .. can you please provide me with a link where i can see this shot on google images? i've scoured 30 + pages and have only found similar but not this frame ..

    So i declare that there IS something mew here :-) .. so where exactly has this been seen before?

  5. sun_runner says:


    i'll find the link to the image. i know it was on google images at one point. but i am sure i've seen it. so you're not pulling a "rank" on me

    can you tell me how you came across the september 2 1980 photos? after i posted them on a different beatle photo blog website, they mysteriously appeared on here.

  6. sun_runner says:

    hi tammy,

    here's the link to the photo:

    and here's another place i've seen the image, although it's a bit bluury:–pI/AAAAAAAAAcg/nw7LBmRcM98/s1600-h/100_0441.JPG

    sorry, the search is actually "john yoko 1980". it's on page 7 of google images. there's plenty of other 1980 images i've never seen, too. check them out!

  7. Tammy says:

    Consider my rank recinded ..

    This frame is new to me, and as i've said i've been searching and acouring the net for almost 30 years and never seen this frame in one book or one web site till now, it seems to be only on the photographers site .. and wow, yeh it is in that batch (obscured) of pics taken at the fest (i've pulled out those individual photo's and worked on them as i have done this photo as well) thanks for pointing this out and long may these photo's surface.

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi, the sept 2nd pics .. cant quite remember, the front on face shot has been around for years, it was in Club Sandwich in beautiful quality, the 'somewhere' i found the link for the article that had the link that for the story and the article that showed the pic of them walking away from the camera, so i grabbed the pics and worked on them as well, regrading the colours etc.

  9. Shaaron says:

    Old or new this is a beautiful image of both John and Yoko. Umm….give peace a chance

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