Almost perfect # 2:

I should mention that all the photo’s listed under ‘Almost perfect’ are available from in various books and collectables.

4 Responses to “Almost perfect # 2:”

  1. Bushwick is Beautiful says:

    paul looks really out of it. some look like he is leaving abbey road

  2. Steve Petrica says:

    No, I think that’s Cavendish Avenue (a couple of blocks from Abbey Road).

  3. Tammy says:

    It is Cavendish Ave.

  4. Marnie Drew says:

    Any photo taken by the scruffs is priceless! especially the Cavendish scruffs! Paul always looks much more Paul and a lot less Beatle in his natural habitat. He loved the girls outside his house and I even read somewhere that he would serenade them, set a chair on the roof of his front door and go out with his guitar to croon a few tunes. They also walked his dog and house sat for him. He trusted them that much!! Great pics!!

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