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5 Responses to “ALMOST, BUT NOT QUITE:”

  1. lizzie says:

    walking from his home to emi studios – i saw that happening several times.

  2. dbacon says:

    No Lizzie, he didn’t walk that day, he drove up. I took this picture. The left rear fender of Paul’s Rolls is visible in the picture. In the uncropped picture you can see LInda on the left. This was taken on my first day in London.

  3. dbacon says:

    Also…FYI …the picture was taken on Friday, March 23, 1979 …about 2 in the afternoon.

  4. dbacon says:

    …for a “Back to the Egg” session. I remember people saying “Oh there goes the new guy…what’s his name? …Laurence Juber?” as various band members arrived.

  5. lizzie says:

    hi dbacon! i just saw this today. i love that photo, i had seen it before somewhere – great job! do you know who the girl is?

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