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10 Responses to “ALL THROUGH THE DAY:”

  1. stephenmcg says:

    VG.. more from the day no one can agree on,no paul beard but in the Get Back Book..

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    I wonder how many times the sound baffles/panels were actually ‘adjusted'(opened to tune the acoustics).
    (nice handles, though)

  3. Alex of the Bronx says:

    I thought I Me Mine was the very last Beatle recording, that they met back in the studio minus John, so maybe Paul shaved by that point.

  4. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Never mind my post, Looking back I believe they met in 1970 for I Me Mine and at that point George would have looked nothing like this.
    Me Culpa

  5. Paul H. says:

    I think this pic. is from Saturday 22nd February 1969 where they are recording “I Want You” for the first time. The I think studio was Trident.

  6. henry_the_horse says:

    Probably 5th February 1969, Apple Studios. Photograph by Ethan Russell. They had already bought C. Bechstein Model 10 and Model B pianos; the 2nd rented Bluthner Model 2 had been returned to the shop.

  7. mcarp555 says:

    Loo-sie! I’m home!

  8. beatle55 says:

    go to the beatlesource website for info on the mystery session.

  9. maria.m says:

    he got his tea

  10. gringo557 says:

    I think Paul H. is correct. There are other images from the same session and John is there too, so it’s well before the proper Abbey Road sessions in July. Ever heard that acetate of I Want You with (probably) Paul singing? It would be from this time as well.

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