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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Joe how-ya-doin'(I’ve never done cocaine) Walsh
    and heartbreaker Mike Campbell

  2. brian says:

    Chuck Levell next to George and Steve Ferrone drummer for Petty

  3. mcarp555 says:

    Ray Cooper behind George. Many faces would be back ten years later to the Albert; one only in spirit.

  4. Pete F. says:

    Young master Dhani to George’s right

  5. If only this had been filmed :-(

  6. henry_the_horse says:

    From left to right:
    Joe Walsh, Greg Phillinganes, Dhani Harrison, Tessa Niles, Ray Cooper, L’Angelo Misterioso, Steve Ferrone, Chuck Leavell, Katie Kissoon, Will Lee, Mike Campbell.

  7. henry_the_horse says:

    Oops! I exchanged Tessa Niles and Katie Kissoon positions.

  8. Lizzie says:

    I flew from New York to see this concert! I was a guest of the Maharishi organization and sat at (in? I should have studied English…) a box beside all the Beatle kids. I am so ridiculously shy I didn’t look at them ONCE, though I could hear their voices. When my friend and I got up to go to the backstage reception (where we saw and briefly spoke to George and shook his hand), I did see them. Someone gave me two dvds with images from this, but I confess I haven’t watched them yet. I’ll find out if they’re any good and make them available to you all (it won’t be for a while since I have been living at my mother’s caring for her after major surgery).

  9. Pete F. says:

    Hi Lizzie! Wow, what a story. Lucky you!
    Did George recognize you backstage?
    I hope your mum feels better soon. Cheers, Pete

  10. Lizzie says:

    Hi Pete F.! I did ask George if he remembered a session where two fans sang with them. He didn’t, but asked if that was me and said something like “good for you” – I can’t remember exactly. My timing wasn’t the best: he had just come off the stage and was obviously emotional after such a great concert. But then again, I knew I probably wouldn’t have a chance to speak to him again. Same thing happened with Ringo: I was at the Grammy’s with my then boss Milton Nascimento (who had been nominated) and Ringo happened to be standing exactly beside us, talking to a man. I waited and spoke to him asking the same question, and his answer was similar. Both of them were quite nice. I believe George shook my hand, but I also can’t remember (it’s funny, I remember the moment he was standing in front of me, but I don’t remember many details). As you might have read here somewhere, Paul is the only one that remembered. He shook my hand and asked why did he remember me. Once I told him he totally remembered “that’s right, you were at Abbey Road”. Believe it or not, I have that conversation on tape. I had the tape recorder running to record the press conference and I forgot to turn it off. I have to make that available. I’ll ask my daughter what is the best way to do it. I’ll tell mum you wished her well!

  11. Nick D. says:

    You make our dreams come true! Best wishes to your Mother for a speedy recovery!

  12. Lizzie says:

    Hi Nick D.! I know a couple of Beatle fans here in Brazil who believe they own The Beatles would totally lie and say both Ringo and George remembered the recording session but then again I’m not very good at lying. I’ll tell mom you wished her well. I got three hours of sleep last night: functioning in zombie mode!

  13. Jorge says:

    Amazing story Lizzie, you are most definitely in Beatle lore! Hoping your mom feels better

  14. stephanie says:

    Lizzzie, what incredible and wonderful Beatle experiences and memories you have, I always enjoy reading your comments on here, thank you for sharing them. Best wishes to your mother for her recovery

  15. As ever, amazing Lizzie. Take care of mum, but don’t forget to care for yourself. All love to you and yours x x

  16. Lizzie says:

    My dearest friends, I love sharing my Beatle memories with you! Unfortunately, at this moment, I can’t take care of myself. Mum is a handful, it’s been quite hard. Thanks for all your good wishes and Tam’s love and xx! I come here a couple of times a day to enjoy the photos and comment: a happy place!

  17. pete says:

    Lizzie, several years ago you sold all your beatle memories. Did you keep
    anything or is everything gone?
    Be well

  18. Lizzie says:

    hi pete, who said i sold all my beatle memories? i did sell several autographs over the years a long time ago but i still have really good ones, which i believe i shall keep. i am not too attached to these things, i have to say. remembering the moment when i got the autograph is more important. and a good professional copy has the absolute same effect. i know, call me crazy, but it’s true.

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