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3 Responses to “ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA 1964:”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    C’mon Jimmy, show us your gold watch!

  2. I heard that when the Beatles came to Adelade,Australia, there was 350,000 Beatle fans in the streets to greet them.This was even bigger than their visit to America some 4 month before.Ringo was back to join them and Jimmy departed.

  3. princess stephanie says:

    @ Michael: you are correct. The fans in Adelaide were exceptional. This quote from ABC (Australia) about the Beatles Adelaide tour:

    “Some 300,000 people, roughly one-third of Adelaide’s population, lined the route from Adelaide Airport to the city to welcome the boys from Liverpool. John Lennon later described the Adelaide welcome as “the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to us in the way of crowds and appearances…especially the drive down that road, the Anzac Highway, yes, I’ll never forget that”. “

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