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4 Responses to “ABBEY ROAD:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    There’s a heavy shadow on the horizon…
    is this the last time Ringo was clean shaven as a Beatle? Soon he will need a beard for the album cover, and ‘Something’ promo film, and Nashville, and Merlin, and Boogaloo Video, and so on…I mean the beard lasted a long time!
    Take a long cool look at the brightest Starr in rock…
    (soon to be Dark Starr)

  2. Fernando says:

    I guess the last time he was clean shaved was during the Revolver Sessions. In the mid seventies when he was promoting Ringo’s Rotogravoure he also was head shaven and finally during the late eighties Ringo is caught at the Heathrow Airport without any beard or moustache.

  3. alex of da bronx says:

    Fernando I think Ringo was clean shaven on Lady Madonna time. I think they all were except John with the real bushy sidies.

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    @alex of da bronx…
    Thank you, both.
    I meant “no beard — only mustache”(pardon me!)…
    I don’t think I’ve seen anything later than this picture.
    I think this must be an early session for Abbey Road.
    Was this album so important that they forgot about shaving?
    (Excluding Paul…who exploited the ‘look’ already in January).
    …Or, is this actually something related to Get Back sessions (or single)?

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