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8 Responses to “A TALE OF TWO BASSISTS:”

  1. fernando says:

    i guess that bass must have been brand new an they were kind of tunning their instruments

  2. CWood says:

    I didn’t know Stu was that short!

  3. BeatleMark says:

    I forget how short Stu was! Hince my comment earlier about Paul Simon…

  4. J.R. Clark says:

    Paul is letting that bass ride high in true Tony Sheridan/John Lennon/Gerry Marsden style.

  5. Kristen says:

    I would love to know more about this picture. I have read that Paul borrowed Stu’s base after his departure from the group until he could get one of his own (in mid-late April 1961?). Is that a myth? Did Paul purchase the base before Stu left the band? Or did Stu continue to occasionally play gigs with the Beatles after he officially left the group?

  6. Louise says:

    That bass looks too big for wee little Stuart. I’m kinda shocked here. I’ve seen loads of pictures of him and I never realized he was that short.

  7. Tammy says:

    Same for me, what’s going on? .. most likely Stu came back and ‘Guested’ one night with his mates on stage for old times sake, obviously after Paul had taken over playing bass for the band.

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    “what’s going on?” is right…
    Are we all (including Pete) giving a secret hand-gesture to the audience(?), photographer(?) or to each other? I’m just not familiar with the overhand fret board chord shapes. Or, maybe they’re being cold and cruel to Stu…
    (Stu looks like he doesn’t get it…while the others obviously do). I wonder why Stu is still in the leather pants.
    (PS- I bet Lizzie loves John’s pants)

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