Besides the Fabs, another great interest of mine is JFK and the Kennedys. I don’t ever usually use the blog to ask for anything, so i hope you’ll forgive me this time. Over the next four weeks there are a lot of documentaries being broadcast in the States. Down here in Aussie we rarely, if ever get to see any of these. I was hoping that some blog readers might be able to help me out by saving some of these and put them onto dvd for me. Any of the above listed in the current tv guide, but the ones i especially want to get are ..

* JFK The final hours. Nov 8th on NGC.

* The day Kennedy died. Nov 17th on the Smithsonian channel.

* Lee Harvey Oswald, 48 hours to live. Nov 22nd on History.

Any or all of the above shown on the tv guide page would be fantastic. If you can help, leave a comment below.

Thanks, Greg.

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  1. DaveO says:

    I live here in Dallas and the city is really building up to the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assination. If you’re ever in Dallas the 6th Floor Museum is a must visit.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Tammy,

    I will be happy to do this for you. This is one of my interests as well. in fact, if you are interested! I have many programs about the JFK assassination I collected over the years that you might be interested in. A while back, I think I sent you a DVD of something – maybe it was the Lennon American Masters special or something like that, I can’t remember. Anyway, please send me your address again and I will forward on some of the programs. And thanks for the great site and all the outstanding photos always!

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    November 22, 1963
    A day that this country still has not recovered from.
    The Beatles were a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. They helped…but, the wound didn’t heal completely. Have no fear…Truth is light and cannot be hidden. This matter will be resolved…eventually.

  4. MarkC says:

    Tammy, I have a silly question. I’ve always thought your mast-head photo was Paul’s chin from around ’60 or ’61. I’m sure I’m way off base, but when you visualize, or hear something a bit haywire, it’s hard to shake that first impression.

  5. Tammy says:

    The masthead photo is Paul from May 1968 in New York, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted the actual photo somewhere here on the blog

  6. MarkC says:

    Looks like the jacket from Mad Day Out

  7. Jocelyn says:

    If you haven’t seen it, the PBS Frontline special “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?” is quite good. It’s 20 years old but still holds up. (Conspiracy theorists might prefer to watch some other programming.)

  8. Tim says:

    Those interested in JFK and music might want to check out my book Popology: The Music of the Era in the lives of Four Icons of the 1960’s. It’s the first book to examine how the music of the ’60s directly impacted the lives of JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy and Thomas Merton. It contains tons of new info not available elsewhere.

  9. Chris speers says:

    I would recommend the book death of a president by William Manchester. Top notch minute by minute account of assasination. Really sad. Have you seen movie parkland. Very good account of three days in dallas

  10. Tammy says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, I have the Manchester book, and I’m hoping Parkland comes out here in Aussie.

  11. Tammy says:

    Any other takers to help make sure I get all these shows covered?, I’ll cover postage etc.

  12. Chris Speers says:

    Tammy – i believe Parkland will be out on ITUNES – in early November – I saw the film here in Japan but it wasn’t released – only part of a film festival –

  13. Chris Speers says:

    Tammy – as awful as this sounds and it isn’t a theory that is original – I truly believe that if JFK had lived – the Beatles probably wouldn’t be as big in february 1964 – I think (and Billy Joel agrees) – the Beatles broke so big in America because there was national mourning a few months before and then – America got happy when the Beatles came –

  14. Ishie says:

    Tammy … I recall this day so vividly. I was in 1st grade and one of the maintenance workers (janitors in those days) came into our classroom to hang a black ribbon on the American flag and told us that President Kennedy was killed in Dallas. I was Caroline Kennedy’s age and thought how sad she must be to be without her daddy. Amazing what moments of my life I can recall.
    A year earlier President Kennedy visited New Haven, CT and my dad took me to see his motorcade drive through the city. I was standing on the curb waving to the President and his motorcade had stopped very briefly in front of my Dad and myself. He waved at me and mentioned to my dad that he has “a little girl like me at home”. It was one of those moments that just stayed with me.
    I am a Kennedy enthusiast as well and so many books are coming out now on the 50th anniversary. If you want to read something and it is not available down under let me know and I’ll see if I can send something to you.

  15. Tammy says:

    That is amazing, you saw JFK! :-) I’m not dwelling on too many sad thoughts this month, to have seen JFK in person to me almost seems like a dream, same as those who actually saw the Fabs, sometimes to me it seems like a dream, having never got to see them in person it’s sometimes hard to remember that these amazing people and events actually did happen, and it’s not all fantasy, such is the wonder of the story.

  16. Kwai Chang says:

    50 painful years…will it ever end?

    That’s all about to change. Soon we’ll be away from here. Step on the gas…and, wipe that tear away. One sweet dream came true today.
    I have spent many years studying the event. I think by the time the 22nd of November arrives, the waiting will be over. Everything is a conspiracy. What happened that day is easy to figure out. All you need is a very open mind.

  17. Chris speers says:

    Beatles and Kennedy have history. Paul met Jackie o with Linda backstage at the garden in 1976. There is a photo. Also Jackie O met john and yoko during sometime in NYC. Yoko asked Jackie to sing back up on sisters oh sisters but she declined. Maureen starkey. Richard Nixon and Jackie Kennedy were all at the hospital in NYC New York hospital cornell medical center in April 1994. Nixon died a few days after admittance and Jackie o died next month at home. Maureen was having some minor cancer surgery or treatment there. She died later that year. I was told that paul and Linda visited her and also said hello to Jackie. don’t know if paul said hello to president Nixon If remember in April president Nixon died very soon after he was there My friend told me that ringo Starr was frequent visitor and that he saw ringo crying with his daughter. And that john Kennedy junior was there with his bike and he saw him talking to ringo.

  18. Chris speers says:

    Beatles and presidents. We know that George met president ford in December 1974. White House history was made because billy Preston sported one of the largest Afros in White House history John and yoko met president carter I believe Fred seamen said lennon was a big Reagan fan and was considering attending the Reagan inaugural entertainment ball. I didn’t know lennon liked Reagan. But I keep forgetting they met in 1974 and Reagan taught him football during a Monday night game with howard cosell. I think ringo met president Nixon in California with Harry Nilsson on a beach after Nixon left office. I think it’s around 1976 because ringo has a short buzzy cut and is wearing an earring. We know macca met Clinton and Obama.

  19. Cara says:

    John Lennon may have liked Reagan personally, but he was NOT a fan of the political ideals that later came to define his administrations. Also, I consider Tricky Dick’s persecution of John as a Beatles & Presidents connection, even though they never met.

    Tammy, for all you do, I’d love to help you out, but I’m afraid I don’t have a DVD recorder. I hope you get all the shows you seek.

  20. Thank you Miss Cara, fingers crossed they all come through, I’m grateful for whatever I can get.

  21. MarkC says:

    There is a theory that I hadn’t heard before that the fatal shot was an accidental discharge of a Secret Service man’s AR 15 caused by the jerking of the car he was in behind the limo.

  22. Chris Speers says:

    Its interesting how many different theories there are on Kennedy assasination after all these years

  23. Chris Speers says:

    There are many theories on who killed JFK. As Oliver Stone once said, the key to understanding the killing of Kennedy is who benefited the most.

    After many years of research and reviewing many theories – here are the facts

    – In Late September 1963 – George Harrison traveled to St. Louis and stayed with his sister. But – he also made a side trip to New Orleans and Dallas. Many witnesses can place the mystical one in several meetings with Lee Harvey Oswald.

    – Money was exchanged. Oswald through Harrison was given information on Kennedy’s route and was given a job in the Book Depository. Oswald later said “I think she loves you is great” – and further “why can’t Capitol release it”.

    – In a meeting in New Orleans right after the plot to kill JFK was unveiled – Oswald turned to Harrison and said “I’ve got no time for you my friend….Don’t bother me”…..After spending 30 minutes with Harrison mentioning the virtues of Communism in he material world…Oswald said “Think for yourself ”

    – Just before leaving – Harrison visited Jack Ruby and put in motion the plan to take Oswald out

    – George’s sister was in Dallas that day ensuring that the plan was complete. She was seen outside the Book Depository telling Oswald to meet her outside his rooming house. She would later turn up with police officer JD Tippett. Only for OSwald to do a double-cross. Oswald apparently turned to her and said “Tell your brother Beware of Maya”.

    – Epstein, McCartney, and Martin were the brains behind the plot. Epstein knew that taking Kennedy out would ensure a number one. Epstein “We need something to shake up America….make America sad enough and then we come in and bang instant number one”. McCartney who would do anything to make it is slighly taken aback. Martin exclaimed “Killing Kennedy – i don’t really approve”….Epstein shook his head ‘Our plot is already in motion”…then McCartney rolled his eyes and sighed said “Its a drag, Innit?”

    – It is no coincidence that With the Beatles was released 11/22/1963 as part of the overall plan to conquer America. That day Kennedy was killed. Capitol released the single “I want to hold your hand” just three weeks later. and the rest is history.

    The Beatles killed JFK – and they benefited the most. No Sullivan and no hit single if Kennedy lived. In the alternate universe – the Dave Clark Five and Bobby Vinton became the iconic musical heroes of he generation.

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