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24 Responses to “A DARK HORSE IN A WHITE HOUSE:”

  1. Joy says:

    This picture of George and Olivia must have been the day that he visited President Ford – I can remember that day in 1974 (gasp!) like it was yesterday where did all those years go?

  2. Dirk says:

    Joy he visit Ford only one time in 1974

    George Harrison meets President Gerald Ford on December 13, 1974 when George accepted the invitation of President Ford’s son Jack to attend lunch at the White House.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    close call…
    (they look like terrorists…check the Patriot Act)

  4. Dirk says:

    kwai. clown is the correct word

  5. JD says:

    Just seen the Scorcese film – and I have to say I’m really underwhelmed with it. I was so looking forward to seeing it but whole areas of George’s solo years are completelty ignored. No mention of cloud nine, 33 1/3, extra texture, ect. The only musical apects of George’s solo years covered were ATMP, LITMW, Bangladesh, the ’74 tour and the Travelling Wilbury’s. Some wonderful footage is included, but overall a great opportunity missed, I feel. As anyone else seen it…? What do others think ?

  6. Joy says:

    Yes Dirk I do remember when he visited President Ford – you don’t have to tell me I thought I would have mentioned this if anyone didn’t know about it.

  7. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    I remeber the newspaper photo of the meeting , George with his hand on his hip sort of saying oh yeah ? to Gerald Ford and his son. Olivia was not in that picture though, Yes Joy, where did all those years go.

  8. Diane says:

    JD – I too have to agree with you re: the Scorcese film. There was nothing substantive in it that a fans (most likely) already knew. Very underwhelming.

  9. hey you says:

    JD, I agree with you 100 percent, wrote a bit about it on my beatles news site, very underhwhelmed.

  10. Leah says:

    I agree the documentary was nothing knew for a Beatles fan, but it displayed some epic footage.

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    33 & 1/3 and Cloud Nine are two of his best solo albums…
    way too good to be ignored…
    I would have at least explained the rape of My Sweet Lord as plagerism…
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! This song we’ll let be…this song is in E…this George is for….
    (but I haven’t seen any of it…or the book)
    Realistically…Can we ever hope to get an accurate overview in the realm of the standard format…
    Let’s just say that A Car and Henry are our only hope…
    but 2-3 hours would always represent futility…

  12. Tammy says:

    Not seen it yet, we here at Photo Blog HQ are having a ‘Bring a plate’ night at Princess Stephanies for a viewing once the dvd’s arrive, i have set my bar low (it’s how i roll) and am not expecting much, however .. i’ll be goggle eyed hjust to see a ‘bit’ of new footage, and some unseen photo’s .. beyond that, i don’t think i’ll work myself up to be as damp as a cellar.

  13. Danny says:

    George is my favorite Beatle. Something about him just makes me want to be like him. I am planning to learn the guitar and the drums and the ukulele. George meeting the President just shows that he was a very great person. George Harrison R.I.P.

  14. princess stephanie says:

    Not seen the DVD , eagerly anticipating the cinema release on the 20th in Sydney.

    The ommision of much of George’s solo career is disappointing, but not surprising, since Scorcese announced that the “central theme”
    is “George’s spiritual journey”. Pity that George’s post 1974 music is not seen as relevant to this spiritual quest.

    Earlier comments from Scorsese made some years ago had seemed more promising, when he was quoted as saying “(George’s) music is very important to me, so I was interested in the journey that he took as an artist”

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    he $eem$ to love mu$ic…

  16. lizzie says:

    until they start hiring beatle fans to help them with these kinds of projects, we’ll keep being disappointed. we know which photos we haven’t seen before, which footage, etc… some of you know all the details about most things (that the beatles themselves don’t remember clearly). i haven’t seen the documentary yet – bought a ticket (i now pay half price here in brazil, because i turned 60 – hurray!) to see it on the 19th at the rio film festival. going with a bunch of “oldies” like me. two die-hard george fans: i’ll remember to bring the tissue boxes! will let you know what i think. and i remember the photos from george’s visit to the white house too.

  17. BLJ says:

    When I look at George during the year of 1974, he looks unwell. Looking at how his pants are fitting and they are really not tight, he looks emaciated. I believe something was going on at this time that maybe he did not talk about. You can actually see the gauntness in his face.

  18. hey you says:

    blj, yes, he was going through a rough patch, but he made it through to the otherside.

  19. Chris says:

    I wonder if George accepted this invitation as a way to talk to the Pres about John’s deportation struggle?

  20. Chris says:

    JD I have to agree with you. I expected to see more. Hopefully more will come out on the DVD.

  21. princess stephanie says:

    As far as im aware, the DVD and Blu-ray special edition only has extended , and extra, interviews as extra material.

  22. Michael says:

    I agree with the “underwhelmed” sentiment. I thought a little more attention could have been paid to the Revolver period. Sort of a breakout time for George, I think. 3 Harrisongs on an album and all that. Not to mention the opening track. Just saying…

  23. Mark says:

    @ JD:

    Absolutely agree. Although George, like all The Beatles, packed more into his time on earth than most people would in 30 lifetimes, and no film could have encompassed all of that, I have to say I was very disappointed with the film.

    I wonder if, in deference to Olivia, Scorsese deliberately limited Patti Boyd’s appearances. She only appears towards the end of part 1 for a minute or two, then in part 2 in voiceover reading from her book about when she left George.

    You wouldn’t think she’d spent ANY time with him throughout the 60s, took acid for the first time with him or introduced him to TM. Huge biographical details not even mentioned.

    And what about John? Where the hell was he? Aside from the stock footage, there wasn’t even a cursory examination of he & George’s relationship, which was probably as complex and contradictory as John’s relationship with Paul.

    No mention whatsoever of the hugely successful Cloud 9 album, either!

    I refuse to believe they didn’t get more interesting insights from Paul or George Martin… yet again, the same old story about “raunchy” played on the bus for the millionth time, or the “I didn’t like your tie” comment.

    I could only really compare this to the Imagine documentary. Quite bland, everything told in half-truths and broad brush strokes… I’d have enjoyed this alot more if I didn’t know anything whatsoever about George.

    I didn’t think it was terrible, though… lots of great footage, especially the contract signing- Paul’s face said it all, really. Was this the famous incident when John didn’t turn up and George got mad?

    @ Chris:

    There’s only about 20 minutes of extra interview footage included on the DVD/Blu Ray. Very disappointing.

  24. Kwai Chang says:

    Consolation prize(???):
    the dylan film by Martin S. wasn’t very good either…
    (D.A. Pennebaker…COME BACK!!!)

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