69 AU GO GO:

Check these out!. What did Miss Tammy spend her birthday doing, going out on the tiles hitting the turps?, holding a cocktail party for all the movers and shakers she mix’s with?, no .. i sat up all night tarting up these wonderous photos to share, hope you like them. Huge thanks goes to Lesley for sending them to me, her website can be found “HERE” I know a few more pics from this day are floating around, most are somewhere on this blog, mainly they consist of photo’s of John naked, and Yoko woofing biscuits into a toilet bowl. The above photo’s seem to have been taken by either Yoko, or John. Yoko may have mastered ‘Cut piece’, but Linda was definately the photographer in the Beatle family. How cool, we finally get to see the infamous bed in the studio.

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  1. Juan says:

    Out of the photographs that I’ve seen on your website and aside the ones from the Mad Day, which are my favourite, this are GOLD.

    Thank you Tammy and Happy Birthday!


  2. Lizzie says:

    dear miss tammy, so glad we could sort this out and you and lesley are finally in touch! there are two photos missing, so i’m e-mailing them to you right now. i can’t stop looking at them, they are amazing! you did a great job making them better – a birthday gift to yourself and all of us! xx

  3. etcetera says:

    Nice stuff, really, thanks a lot , Tammy . So there are 3 different sessions on these photos : come together session at abbey road, private screening for let it be ( where and when ? ), and a mysteriouus mixing session with paul & john. any help ?

  4. Hannibal says:

    Great as usual

  5. Stuart says:

    And any ideas what restaurant it was?

  6. etcetera says:

    And the dates ?

  7. maria.m says:

    first of all: happy birthday to you, dear miss tammy
    and thank you for sharing this pics!

  8. maria.m says:

    first of all: happy birthday to you, dear miss tammy and thank you for sharing this pics!

  9. Hitachi says:

    These are beyond Gold… along with the untouched “Rubber Soul” cover pic the most amazing pics I have seen in a long time. Though I have seen some of these that were posted in a UK tabloid years ago.. these paint an entirely different picture. We all thought they went to dinner (for who knows what reason) then back to John’s place were the infamous bed, toilet and naked John pics came from.. made perfect sense but now it seems its at Abbey Road!!! Having the uncropped bed pic showing Mal and the studio is totally mind blowing…god I hate mags that crop photos!! But still a few questions need answering: Are these ALL the same day/night??? John’s wearing White in the studio then Black at the restaurant and Linda’s wearing different clothes too. The control booth pics of Paul and John look like different clothes too so maybe we are looking at 3 separate days? Also rumour has it that these were from Yoko’s film that was stolen many many years ago.. possible I guess.. would love to know the true story.. maybe they were Mal’s? And who is that other lady next to Mal on the bed?.. Who’s the young guy in the control room? See its a can of worms but a juicy can nonetheless!

  10. nick says:

    A very, very Happy Birthday Miss Tammy! I hope you had a nice day! As for these snaps, there are no words!! Thank you for giving us these treasures!!

  11. Ken Wood says:

    Thanks you so much and HAPPY BIRTDAY!
    If one photo of this session was gold, this is quadrupel platinum!

  12. Michal says:


  13. Antonio says:

    Unbelievable, I am feeling nearer to the Beatles’ family.

  14. Alex6305 says:

    young guy in the control room- john kurlander, july 1969

  15. bill c. says:

    The ones towards the bottom with John in black with a ‘utility belt’ and Yoko with a headband , am I mistaken or do these seem like the way they were dressed at the Beatles final photo shoot in late August at Johns house(Hey Jude album cover) ?

  16. Cara says:

    So generous of you to clean up the boys for us on your birthday. Hope it was a warm and wonderful one, Miss Aquarius! These are amazing… just to see The Bed is gold enough, but you have outdone yourself! I have a question for Lizzie… was it general knowledge at the time that Linda was preggers? She’s only a month from Mary here and doesn’t look very big.

  17. Lizzie says:

    yes it was, cara.

  18. Pete F. says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Tammy!!!!!!!!

    And a big THANK YOU for these golden photos. What a treat it is to see them, simply Fabtastic!!

  19. Christian Bueller says:

    In some photos, the guys are with the same clothes they wearing at the Abeey Road cover.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! : ) Thanks so much for these and all the other terrific pictures you’ve been sharing with us. : ) <3

  21. Sara S. says:

    Love the photos!!! I also love the fact that fans have been working together to get these out. Lovely.

    As for the dates. The ones of them all watching Let it Be and going out to eat afterwards were taken on July 20, 1969. Matching the clothing Pattie and Mal are wearing in the photo on the bed to other photos, I have reason to strongly believe those were taken on July 23, 1969.

    The missing photos (which I have uncensored if needed) are the two of John naked, Yoko puking into the toilet and Yoko in bed topless (but covered by a blanket).

  22. Astrid says:

    Happy birthday….it’s my birthday too!
    These pics are brilliant, love them!


  23. Imagine says:

    BIG THANK YOU !! To see pictures of John & Paul recording vocals for their Abbey Road Album is a great find. It seems John is wearing his Jumpsuit the same one he had on during the Last Beatles’ Photo Session during the private screening of Let it Be… No doubt the longer edited version. There also is at least one pic of John & Yoko in their limousine before heading to the restaurant to meet up with Paul & Linda. Kudos to Miss Tammy and Contributors:)

  24. nick says:

    John naked? Yoko puking her guts out? Where are those? Did I miss those treasures?

  25. I love it that John and Paul actually found females that they were compatible with and had more of a inner connection with than what the typical male Rock Star and Swedish model arm candy. Linda and Yoko were wall flowers and wall flowers are not ugly they just don’t stand out in the beauty department. The boys must have become bored with exotically beautiful females all over the world at their feet.

  26. philalban7 says:

    Fantastic! Thankyou!

  27. Since 1963 says:

    There’s nothing I can say that’s not redundant, but Oh My God!
    These are truly remarkable. Thanks Miss Tammy, and Happy Birthday!

  28. Harold Sherrick says:

    These are Great Shots ! I have a Color Proof Sheet from Abbey Road Sessions. Also have many Other Unpublished Photos of the Beatles.

  29. Since 1963 says:

    Oh, and thanks to Lizzie and Lesley!

  30. jimmmmybrady says:

    Well its finally happened,even in the lastphotos of the Beatles they look like kids to me.How is that possible?

  31. Lesley says:

    I am thrilled that everyone likes these photos, a big thanks to Lizzie Bravo and Miss Tammy for helping to fix them up and get them out there to all you lovely Beatle people, it really is great to be part of such a friendly community !!!!!!.

  32. thank you and thank you again…

  33. Wogew says:

    Great photos! Thanks to all involved for publishing these. I did a blog post with links to this page, it also includes the cropped Daily Mail version of the “bed” photo.

  34. Lizzie says:

    hi everybody! i had some of these photos stashed away so carefully (because i was asked not to share at the time) that i can’t find them anymore! but i was really glad when lesley agreed to share them and i was going to crop and work on them for miss tammy, but i know how he likes to do that so i passed the job over to him! and lesley – some of the finest beatle people on the planet are gathered in this blog, believe me! regards from a very hot night in rio de janeiro, in the middle of carnaval!

  35. Lizzie says:

    dear lillian rigby, what a delight to find someone who THINKS EXACTLY LIKE ME!

  36. BLJ says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Tammy and thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos with us Beatle fans.

  37. Awesome photos! I collect photographs /negatives….all collectors please find me on facebook….would love to hear from you…Hi, Lizzie!

  38. Lizzie says:

    just to try to help with the dates: in my diary, i say i saw john, paul, george and ringo at emi on monday, july 21, 1969 and tuesday the 22nd. on wednesday the 23rd i say i saw john arriving and that mal was there too. that doesn’t mean the others didn’t come, though i usually wrote down which one of them was there. then i saw all 4 again on july 30th. of course i saw them on other days during july, but not the 4 together, some days 3, other 2. i vincent – welcome to “our” blog!

  39. Lesley says:

    Brilliant Lizzie !, its great that we have somebody who was there and is happy to share this fab information with us mere mortals.

  40. Michael says:

    Fantastic! What a treat! Thanks! Happy Birthday, Tammy.

  41. Lizzie says:

    that was meant to say “hi vincent!”, sorry! dear lesley, believe me when i tell you i am a mere mortal too! xx

  42. etcetera says:

    Next step : Another graal : Find the collector who bought the great lot of around 50 polaroids of this studio session and try to ask him to share them ….. Tammy, Sara, Lizzie, Me and all of you : let’s go

  43. Lizzie says:

    let’s do it!

  44. Lol….Hi back, Lizzie! Ms. Tammy/Greg…..Happy friggin Birthday! Never knew u had a blog….its pretty cool! Are u only looking for fan images? Ive got some rare images if ur interested….love, Vincent.

  45. Jorge says:

    Who’s feet are those in the top 2 pics and the 5th pic from the top? Looks like she was the one taking them?

  46. Lizzie says:

    yoko’s feet. she took the photos from bed – see photo above.

  47. Lesley says:

    The feet belong to Yoko, she took the photos from the bed which John had installed in the studio so that she could recover after the car crash she, John, Julian and Kyoko had in Scotland, you can see her in picture 6 lying on the bed.

  48. KTH says:


    I need to see now. Please.

  49. Sara S. says:

    Email me KTH and I will send you those photos.

  50. Pete W. says:

    These are fantastic! I’m a recording engineer/musician and, like a lot of my ilk, am fascinated by photos of the Beatles working in the studio. It is fun (and educational) to see which instruments, microphones, other gear, etc. they used on particular sessions. The Abbey Road album sessions, as you know, are woefully under-represented, photographically. So this stash was astonishing for me to see. The shot of them in the control room, with the recording console visible, is actually the only one I’ve ever seen with members of the band actually in the same picture as the TG solid state console that was installed at EMI in ’68-’68. A real treat. Thanks so much. And please know that any other Abbey Road in-studio shots (especially control room and/or showing actual recording) are super-appreciated!

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