69 AU GO GO:

Check these out!. What did Miss Tammy spend her birthday doing, going out on the tiles hitting the turps?, holding a cocktail party for all the movers and shakers she mix’s with?, no .. i sat up all night tarting up these wonderous photos to share, hope you like them. Huge thanks goes to Lesley for sending them to me, her website can be found “HERE” I know a few more pics from this day are floating around, most are somewhere on this blog, mainly they consist of photo’s of John naked, and Yoko woofing biscuits into a toilet bowl. The above photo’s seem to have been taken by either Yoko, or John. Yoko may have mastered ‘Cut piece’, but Linda was definately the photographer in the Beatle family. How cool, we finally get to see the infamous bed in the studio.

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  1. Steve in the Bronx says:

    Thank you Tammy for these amazing pictures! The Beatles look like a sold working band during the Abbey Road sessions!

  2. bibi says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My breath has been taken away seeing these photos. Such a peek into a a special time and rare that we have got to actually see any of it. HOW COOL!!!! Thank you Tammy and Happy Birthday to you! And THANK YOU Lesley and you too Lizzie. I am sending all three of you heart felt HUGS from Vancouver, Canada.

  3. henry_the_horse says:

    The TG12345 console, the new Siemens patchfield, and the sofa installed in Control Room Two are also visible. In the photographs of Lennon and McCartney in Studio Three there is also visible: Harrison’s Leslie 147RV cabinet, E.M.I.’s Mellotron FX Console, one of the two Challen studio pianos, the vocal hut, and the usual U47 microphone employed for backing vocals.

  4. henry_the_horse says:

    I love the fact that in one of the cinema photographs, Pattie seems to be texting. Indeed an anachronism.

  5. Lizzie says:

    thank you bibi from vancouver, hugs going back to you! it’s boiling hot here in rio in this last day of carnaval. i have stayed home since saturday looking at all parts of my book and am quite shocked to realize the writing, both in portuguese and english, is practically done. as for pattie texting, henry, can you imagine how much better it would have been in london in the late 60’s if we had mobile phones? i would have gone to the rooftop concert, to the photo session outside abbey road and many other situations we only found out had happened when it was too late! what about a digital camera? so many of the photos i mention taking in my diaries never came out! it took days for them to be developed and printed. i am still looking at these 69 photos in amazement…

  6. michaelpattypetrelli says:

    I never knew these pictures existed, thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    I thought it might be another fundraiser pancake breakfast/charity raffle…
    but I guess I’m wrong…
    Is that an electric fan on top of the piano…pointing directly at the bed?
    It looks like it is spinning…so much for the Sacred Neumann Microphones…
    and another page gets ripped from the Abbey Road Procedural Manual.
    See what happens when nobody has to wear lab coats?

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    Pardon my rudeness…
    I really meant to say Thank You!
    I’ve been sick so I missed the real action on this one.
    EVERYONE’s comments left little else to be said.
    And a belated Happy Birthday is also in order.
    And best of all…
    We have all Come Together once again…
    right now
    over me!
    (Peace, Beatle friends)

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Speaking of Thigh High:
    (pic 13)…that’s some sad face to be wearing such slinky threads.
    I see a lot more than leg and the whole moment is ruined because we couldn’t score. So much for planning ahead!

    And All McCartney images radiate confidence most superior. Flamboyant, formidable, and more aware of it than anyone…
    Forget the koala bear comparison…That’s pure rooster!!!

  10. Tomas says:


  11. A Different Chris says:

    Bloody hell, look at these! Wow.

  12. Nick says:

    @Sara, Thank you for the email!

  13. John Logan says:

    Many thanks for these amazing and possibly I thought, long lost photos. Does anyone know for sure what day these were taken, it looks like late August ’69 possibly around the August 8 photoshoot ???????

  14. Johnny Silver says:

    and 34 years later: Pic #2. the only one we have of J&P in the studio for these sessions. wow. just wow.

  15. Johnny Silver says:

    woops. pardon my poor math on the last post. :)

  16. Shaaron says:

    These are as good as it gets! Seeing the private moments just lifts my heart!

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