22ND AUGUST 1980:

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  1. james says:

    Its so hard to tell if he was unbelievably thin or just the base line weight for his height and build, I sense(as a former athlete)that he could well have been dieting and excercising to achieve this but I dont know to what degree, John himself said “no one should be that interested in my life”and its true really but we all are, you just want to know in some strange way that he was on top of his gae healthwise but I dont think we ever will unless Yoko decides to be open in here forth coming auto biography..and I doubt that very much knowing here track record for adjusting the facts of her life with John Lennon.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these, I had never seen the last two before. : )

  3. beatlemarkla says:

    Tammy, your site continually amazes me. I look forward to checking it out everyday. Thanks very much!!

  4. CindyB says:

    These final photos bother me so much. Little did he know…little did she know…little did we know…sad

  5. James says:

    Lovely picture. I agree with Cindy that they are a little sad knowing what was to happen, but we just love John so much

  6. connie says:

    John looks content : )

  7. Chris says:

    I need this question answered so I am sorry it’s not under a Paul photo.
    I know that Paul and Denny had a falling out. But was it so bad that Paul does not put Denny in any of his re-release of Band On The Run? I mean Denny was Paul’s right hand man!!! The promo video is only of Paul and Linda! I know Paul bought Denny out for his share of Mullin Kuntire (sp)… that is if my memory serves me right. I saw Sir Paul give credit to the people who helped him write in the passed… he gave no mention to Denny, only John and Linda! Can anyone fill me in?

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi, i’m not sure what your question is Chris, but i’ll take a punt. Maybe Denny wasnt filmed that much, maybe it was Denny doing the filming, or maybe it was Paul saying F/U Denny for shitting over Linda and i in the early eighties in the press. Then again Denny was all over the 1999 reissue bonus disc of ‘Band’ and Paul was pictured with Denny backstage last year, so who knows.

  9. Markzapp says:

    I agree with you Chris. Paul and Denny worked together for a decade and Denny is always completely ignored by Paul. He was not on the cover of “Wingspan” and I will bet that he did more musically for the group than Linda did. He was not mentioned by Paul in his acceptance speech at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame either. Maybe it was an uglier breakup than the one of the Beatles? Still, Denny should get some mention for his contributions sometime. Wingspan kind of was Paul and Lindaspan.

  10. A Different Chris says:

    I met Denny at Beatlefest in 2007, and he was wearing a lot of Wingspan gear. The strange thing is that Paul and Ringo were in the very same hotel together the night before (Larry King interview, LOVE promo), so Denny and Paul were both at the Mirage at the same time. I don’t know about whatever acrimony there may be between him and Paul, but Denny certainly still embraces Wings. It’s a shame for Paul, because he simply isn’t the same without a partner to bounce off of.

  11. Steve says:

    Because Denny was there to help Paul achieve his music work at the time. Apart from John, who Paul looked up to, every one of Paul’s musical partners has been about a working relationship, and not much more. Paul sometimes makes entire albums with no other players on but himself. That’s his choice.

  12. James says:

    Please dont misunderstand me on this. Also John is my fav of all 4 beatles . But by looking at these pics IMHO the use of herion seems to be playing its role in johns life at this short and sad time. I have read that he was addicted untill his death. I am glad to have found this sight many of the pics ive never seen before.

    Thank you

  13. Tammy says:

    Hi James, Yoko mentions that one of very few blessing after John’s murder, was that it was found that not so much as an Asprin was found in John’s body, and many drugs can, and do, stay in your system for quite a while.

  14. James says:

    Thats good to hear. I have only read this in books of course. I quess the way he looks is just from the pressure of living as an ex beatle but you have to admit he looks like something is wrong. Its not the look of a John im use to seeing in other photos.



  15. james says:

    I find that hard to believe by all account including John himself around december 80 he was know to have pot after recording, jack douglas also mentioed he wass wired on coke the odd time or if it wssnt Jack it might have been one of cheap trick talking, it may all be untrue but Id doubt it, being the musician he was would have been very difficult to leave it out completely but who really knows?I’d like to think yoko was right too.

  16. Tammy says:

    The toxicology reports stated no drugs were found in John’s body, the person who stated John was wired .. the man we have to thank for the wholesale theft of John’s music and personal possesions, John may have smoked a jay during the mixing of Double Fantasy, then again he could have been shooting his mouth off to try and sound more rock and roll, i’ll take the coronors word over Seamans any day.

  17. Tammy says:

    I’m with those here who think John looked fine, and tho i prefer my men with a little meat on there bones, that doesnt mean i think it’s right or healthy.

  18. Jo says:

    John and Yoko were following a very strict macrobiotic diet during this time. I believe that is the explanation for John’s thinness. I do not believe he was on drugs during this period because of his love for Sean. He would not have jeopardized that relationship by taking drugs – and I don’t consider smoking a little pot to be “taking drugs”. John was always “ashamed” of his “Fat Elvis” period with The Beatles, so it makes sense that he finally had the body weight he desired whether we think it made him look more attractive or not.

  19. Ishie says:

    He was thin … but had mounting excitement about ‘going back to his roots’ and creating music again. The axe was done from the wall and he was ready to start anew.

  20. Steve says:

    Really? There was a toxicology report? Fairly obvious what cause of death was. I think it’s why there was no funeral, no nothing, no toxicology report either, nothing to contradict the DF comeback yarn John was spinning in 1980. Nothing but his instant cremation. Please if u can show me a toxicology report and I’ll take it ALL back honest. Till then I can’t for a moment think John was quite so ‘clean’ in 1980. The man advocated drugs!

  21. Tammy says:

    I dont have the toxicology report, obviously there was one, he was murdered. There was a direct quote from Yoko soon after that ‘It was a blessing no drugs were found in his body, so there wouldn’t be questions and rumour about that’. Believe what you wish, i know what i read, i dont think John would have been doing anything harder than weed by late 80, unless you choose to believe Seaman, and i know what stead i put in his word.

  22. Steve says:

    A toxicology report would be different to an autopsy report, especially where it’s clear what caused death. I believe it was avoided altogether, and the reason why John was cremated so quickly after the event.

  23. greg raymond says:

    By 1980 john was obviously a man who became naturally thin due to having as healthy a diet as one person can have.He studied nutrition, insisted household staff follow his instructions on what foods to have around and what to prepare. He had the money and facilities to buy all organic and fresh foodsfree from preservatives and all the other crap most of us devour daily without thinking. He didn’t eat McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc. Try eating sushi,brown rice,and steamed vegetables every night for dinner and see how much weight will come off not only that but you’ll feel great! That’s where he was at in 1980. He felt good about it and he was just beginning to tell us all about it… then December came. So sad.

  24. bill c. says:

    11 years after the Beatles final photo shoot – to the day !

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