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Remembering Linda.

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018



Today is the 20th anniversary of Linda McCartneys passing. I don’t expect there will be much fanfare or acknowledging this date, so I’m going to.

You know the saying ‘Be careful meeting your heroes, they may disappoint you’?, that was SO not the case with Linda. I have always been a Wings fan first and foremost, I was too young to know of the Beatles when they were around. From the get go I was drawn to Linda, I guess I empathized with her being the underdog, and felt deeply for her because she was constantly attacked, for being a woman, being an individual who danced to the beat of her own drum.

I ‘totally’ got Linda, even from when I was about ten years old, I knew she was pushing boundaries and peoples buttons, because people wanted her to conform. I’d see her wearing high heels with socks, different coloured socks!, open toe shoes with multi coloured toe socks, moon boots with overalls and an ostrich feather boa, and always, ALWAYS with unshaven legs, and I would fist pump, ‘YES!!’.

People shit on her constantly for her musical ability, but the joke was on ‘every’ single person who put her down, because she knew she was there for fun, and she was doing her best. When reporters would try to trick her, or put her down, she would laugh and say ‘Are you kidding me?, most kids in high school can shake a tambourine better than me’. Fucking music and artist snobs are a blight on this earth, the irony being, Linda is now slowly being acknowledged as one of THE great female American photographers.

Women like Patti Smith, Courtney Love etc are held up as female rock icons, but I’m nominating Linda to be held up there with them, and definitely as probably the first female punk, and by punk, I mean in its raw, don’t give a fuck, just get up there and do it sense. In 1971 Paul pointed to middle C on the piano, the curtain rose, and Linda hit the ground running, learning on the go, putting herself on stage, in front of crowds just baying to take a swipe, barefoot, again with crazy stage clothes, all the while (with Paul) raising four kids without nannies, I’d say that’s pretty punk.

Over time something fantastic happened, Linda’s voice became part of some of the greatest harmonies recorded in 70’s rock. I can’t imagine all those albums, especially RAM and Band on the run without Linda’s vocals. Her bravery against the meat industry was heroic, those bastards don’t piss around in causing you trouble, even to the point of sabotaging her vegetarian meals at one point.

It was far easier to mock Linda than adore her, the mean spirited piece of filth who isolated her vocals, from a concert during the end refrain for Hey Jude, should be ashamed. Linda’s quote after this was used to mercilessly mock her?, ‘Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will break your heart’.

I did meet Linda, I did get to speak to her quite a few times, it would take me writing a novel to document all those experiences. All I will say is, I’m glad I met that particular hero, because Linda was the kindest, most engaged, interested, genuine person you could hope to meet. I’m proud to have defended and loved her all these years, she earned it, and deserved it, mismatched toe socks and all. L.I.L.Y